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RAC Car Data Check

Feel secure when you buy a used car with an RAC Car Data Check.

With an RAC Car Data Check you get an instant on-screen report answering these vital questions about your chosen car:

  • Is the car stolen?
  • Is the car an insurance write-off?
  • Is there outstanding finance on the car?
  • Has the car had previous plates?

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Getting an RAC Car Data Check is quick to do online - you just need a few details about the car you plan to buy. If you don't have all the details to hand right now, you can update them at any time within 30 days.

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Frequently asked questions.

The RAC car check allows you to check the history of a vehicle, and provides essential data and information you might need before buying a car. Also known as an HPI Check or an HP Check (Hire Purchase Information or Hire Purchase Check), our car history check provides a report that will tell you whether a car has been stolen, has outstanding finance, has been written-off or if has had previous plates.

As finance companies are within their rights to demand payment from a new car owner in possession of a vehicle with an existing loan on it, not checking the car history can prove costly. In light of the fact that 25% of cars currently have outstanding finance on them, making sure the car you want to buy doesn’t have hidden history can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Hire Purchase Information (HPI) Checks

A thorough car check can help you avoid the car‘s history coming back to haunt you. As an average of 1 in 250 cars are sold despite having been scrapped, drivers can potentially find their new car costing more than they think, and having to spend money on repairs they could have avoided. Additionally, driving a scrapped car is extremely hazardous and can potentially result in a dangerous accident.

Also worrying for the safety of drivers and their wallets, are car write-offs. It is illegal to drive a written-off car if it hasn’t been repaired properly or had the appropriate Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) by the DVLA. To avoid being caught out by a miss-sold car, whenever buying from a private seller, it is important to personally confirm the car’s history to avoid any legal difficulty. The fact that 1 in 6 cars is an insurance write-off means that there are a lot of vehicles out there to be wary of and failure to make the appropriate checks will mean you could be driving a car that could be illegal to be on the road.

In addition to allowing you to confirm the car you want to buy is road-worthy, an RAC vehicle check can also help prevent you from purchasing a car that has been involved in crime. 1 in 20 cars show inaccurate mileage, for example, which are discrepancies that can be the result of fraud. If you are caught driving a car that was involved in a crime, you will not just lose money when the car is taken away, you may also have to pay, at great cost, to clear your name with the authorities if legal action is taken.

Getting an RAC Car Data Check is quick to do online – you just need a few details about the car you plan to buy. If you don't have all the details on hand right now, you can update them at any time within 30 days.

RAC Car Data Checks are powered by HPI. HPI is a Solera company.

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