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M62 Traffic News

The M62 is a motorway that stretches across the north of the UK, from east to west. It connects several of the major cities in the north, including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Hull, Huddersfield, Halifax and Leeds.

Its total length is 107 miles, and the route provides access to other major motorways. Motorists can reach the M57, M6, M60, M602, M66, M606, M621, M1, M18 via the series of junctions on the M62, so it really does act as the gateway to the north’s main cities.

Oddly, the M62 starts at Junction 5. It has no junction 1, 2, 3 or 4. This is because it was originally intended for the M62 to start in the centre of Liverpool, making an urban motorway in the city, but plans later changed. The M62 has 34 junctions, instead of the 38 initially scheduled.

Notable features on the route of the M62 include Stott Hall Farm, which is located in the middle of the motorway between junctions 22 and 23 - the M62 traffic drives around it on both sides of the carriageway. Contrary to popular belief, the farm remains not because owners opposed construction, but because the land there was considered too steep to make the motorway lanes meet. Instead, the six lanes - three each side - go around it.

There is also a section of the motorway, between Manchester and Leeds, that runs through the Pennines and rises to over 300 metres above sea level in places.

Worst Junctions on the M62

If you drive regularly on this motorway, you’ll already know that M62 traffic can get extremely busy, particularly in certain areas. Plan your journey with M62 traffic updates in mind to be prepared for congestion and tailbacks, and avoid these if possible. Busy junctions on the M62 include:

Worsley Interchange

This is the point where M62 traffic merges with M60 traffic. It’s the busiest road linking to the city centre so gets very busy, especially in peak times.

Junctions 18 and 29

This stretch of road between Manchester and West Yorkshire is considered one of the most congested areas in the UK, so you can expect slow-moving traffic at certain points here.

Junction 27

This junction marks the starting point of the M621 motorway and also connects to the A62 and A650, so it handles a high volume of traffic. There’s also a large retail park just off the junction, which adds to the number of vehicles on the road here.

Accident Hotspots on the M62

Modern motorways generally have good safety records but there are always of risk. When driving, do so with caution and care, and make use of M62 travel news to be aware of any occurring accidents.

On the M62, there are areas considered accident hotspots. Junction 27, which features high traffic volume, is one of them. In 2017, there was a multiple vehicle collision between junction 22 and 23, and a crane fire caused closures between junctions 21 and 22. Junction 20, at Thornham, has been the scene for several accidents in recent years.

Upcoming M62 Major Roadworks

Roadworks can affect the length of a journey, adding extra driving time. Drivers should always get M62 traffic updates before and during their journey to plan for any delays. Upcoming M62 roadworks and planned projects include:

M62 Junction 20 - this long-running project will improve sections of the M62 and M60 to smart motorway status. Overnight road closures and some weekend closures are planned; the project is due for completion during 2018.

M62 Junction 29 - this interchange is the crossing point of the M1 with the M62. There are long term plans to improve M62 traffic congestion here though work isn’t expected to start until 2021.

M62 Junction 26 - another upcoming long term roadworks project, this potential work is designed to reduce the severe delays that motorists experience when traveling between the Bradford and Leeds area. The roadworks should reduce queuing times and improve the standard of the motorway.

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