Electric Car Leasing

Electric car leasing is the easy way to make the switch. You get all the benefits of a brand new car, without the hassle of owning it. All for an affordable monthly payment. Whatever you need, the RAC can help you find the right leasing deal. Plus, you can come back to us any time for support.

Why lease an electric car with the RAC?

Save on costs
Get breakdown cover and road tax included, plus optional extras such as servicing and tyres.
Drive a brand new car
Choose a new car each time you renew your electric car lease.
No ‘range anxiety’
Our EV boost vans can give you a 10-mile charge if your electric car runs out.
Get a home charge point
You can even choose to have a charge point installed at your home.*
Expert advice
Our team of experts are here to guide you on making the switch to electric.
Choose from all these brands
Here are our top deals

How to lease an electric car with the RAC

EV leasing has never been easier, follow our simple 4-step process to get the best deal.

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Answering your questions on electric car leasing

Q. Why lease with the RAC?

RAC EV Leasing gives you complete piece of mind when switching to an electric car. By partnering with Novuna Vehicle Solutions, we can talk directly with car manufacturers and get you the most competitive leasing deals. Plus your lease includes breakdown cover, and with our award winning RAC EV boost technology, we can give you a 10-mile boost if you run out of charge.

Q. What’s included in my lease?

RAC EV Leasing includes the lease of the car (provided by Novuna Vehicle Solutions), RAC Breakdown Cover and road tax. You can also choose to add extras such as servicing, maintenance and even a home charge point*. All you need to organise is insurance.

Q. Is RAC Breakdown Cover included with my lease?

Yes, RAC Breakdown Cover is included in all our electric car leases. Plus, a number of our patrols have EV boost technology in their vans, so you can get a 10-mile boost if your electric car runs out of charge.

Q. What happens when my lease finishes?

When your contract finishes you can choose to swap your electric car for a new one, return it, or even buy your electric car.

Q. Do I own the car?

When you lease your car you don’t own it. Novuna Vehicle Solutions will purchase and hire it to you for a fixed monthly rental payment using a regulated contact hire lease agreement. You’ll then have the option to buy the car at the end of the lease, return it, or get a brand new one.

Q. What happens if my car is damaged or stolen?

A ‘Driver Line’ is available 24/7 if you need support with your vehicle or lease contract. If you have an accident call the emergency services first if appropriate. Then please call the ‘Driver Line’ to report any vehicle damage.

Q. What happens if I go over my mileage?

It’s important to be confident that the mileage allowance you choose as part of your agreement is enough for you. Your contract can be amended if you think you might go over your mileage allowance, with an increase in your monthly payment. Any additional mileage will be charged at the rate outlined in your lease agreement.

Q. Will my credit history be checked?

Your credit history will be checked using our preferred credit reference agency, Experian. A hard search will be undertaken which will appear on your credit file and will be seen by other lenders.