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M27 Traffic News

A relatively short motorway, the M27 starts in Cadnam and ends in Portsmouth, spanning just 24 miles. This modern motorway passes through both the Southampton and Fareham areas and helps traffic to connect to London via the A3. You can travel all the way to Bath and Bristol via the A36 and harbourside Southampton and Portsmouth using either the M271 or the M275 extensions. 

The M27 is a major commuter link for the Solent area and continues to serve the south coast as the A27 after Cosham. Also, a peculiar point to note is that there is no junction 6 on the M27. Road users will jump from junction 5 straight to 7. 

The start of the M27 began to take shape in 1972 where the Cadnam section first formed junction 1. But, it wasn’t until 1983 until the M27 we know today opened to the public. The M27 end in the west due to the sprawling New Forest National Park where there’s only space for the two-lane A31. 

Worst Junctions on the M27

Providing important links to the two major cities in the Solent area, M27 is a busy route to other motorways and dual-carriageways. These are some of the worst junctions on the M27 for congestion that you may want to be mindful of when you’re travelling. Before you set off for your journey, check the RAC Route Planner for M27 traffic updates to help you plan the most convenient route. 

Junction 3 

Rownhams Interchange takes industrial trucks and commuter traffic in and out of Southampton’s city centre and the docks. 

Junction 12 

The complex structure of junction 12. linking to the M275. can be awkward to navigate around. You may see delays in this area until you filter past the A3 roundabout near to the A27 merge, which can also be problematic. 

Accident Hotspots on the M27

The M27 is the major link between Southampton and Portsmouth, which means it can see heavy traffic flowing from both the ferry and cargo ports. It might be a good idea to be mindful of these common accident blackspots along the M27. Stay on top of the M27 traffic news with the RAC Route Planner app to take note any reported M20 travel updates that will help you plan your journey. 

Heavy loading vehicles following the M275 from Landport to connect onto the M27 at junction 12 can cause issues for some. As the M275 is such a short motorway, you don’t get a lot of time to choose your lane to head either east or west along the M27. To avoid any accidents make sure you know your route and plan ahead. 

There are often reports of accidents along the motorway connecting the M27 to the A27, heading both east and west. Again, this could be because of the congestion caused by traffic. 

The complexity of junction 4, along with the heavy M3 traffic flowing from London, can make navigating along on M27 tricky, especially for users not familiar with the route. Take extra care here and if you’re branching off to the M3, it’s advised you give yourself plenty of time to get into your lane.

Upcoming M27 Major Roadworks

With junctions exiting onto the M3 and the A3(M), the M27’s heavy traffic load causes the surface to need regular maintenance work. Planned roadworks can cause serious unexpected delays if you’re not prepared. Use the RAC Route Planner app to check the M27 travel news to help you plan around road closures. 

Upcoming major roadworks on the M27 include:

Windhover roundabout - Improvements to the Windhover roundabout and two railway bridges in the local area are planned. The scheme aims to reduce delays between junctions 5 and 8. This is set to start in March 2020. 

Junction 4 to junction 11 - Plans are progressing to upgrade the existing stretch of road between junction 4 and 11 to become a smart motorway. This is a large project that is due to be finished in 2021 and aims to improve congestion.  

Romsey Road bridge - Plans are in place to improve the Romsey Road bridge, which carries the A3057 over the M27 and into Southampton. The start date is yet to be decided but plans still remain to have this improvement scheme completed by 2020. 

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