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Dover Traffic News

The famous Gateway to England, the seaside resort is rich in military heritage and is extremely popular among tourists, locals and commuters making their way across the Channel to Calais. 

Along the shores of the English Channel, the famous White Cliffs of Dover have been a symbol of hope and freedom since WWII. With driving routes around the base of the chalky cliffs, onto the docks and the pebble beach, it’s said you can see the iconic cliffs from far and wide. 

Dover can be found in the southeastern county of Kent in England with several major road links, including the A20 and the A2, connecting the rest of the UK to the channel. Because of this, its traffic woes lend itself to the port area. Being Europe’s busiest ferry port, with trading routes as well as passenger cruise lines across the border, the area can get quite congested.  

When visiting Dover, or if you’re planning on continuing your journey from England to Calais, plan ahead with the RAC Route Planner to keep up to date with any Dover traffic news. 

Worst Junctions in Dover

This coastal town is said to be the gateway to England. But, with narrow country lanes and bustling dual carriageways, keep on top of any Dover travel updates with the RAC Route Planner. Here are the worst junctions in Dover to be mindful of. 

The bustling residential junction, where the A256 meets Park Street, Godwyne Road and Park Avenue, is renowned for getting busy. There are traffic lights to help break up the congestion, but with five rows of cars all queueing to make their exit, it can be confusing to navigate around. Take your time here and make sure you plan your exit early. 

The A20 road along Back Road West, as it connects to Jubilee Way, sees a lot of traffic. With heavy-duty lorries, vans, buses and cars using this road network regularly, take your time coming out of the ferry port.  

The double roundabout junction which connects the A2 with the A256 can be rather problematic as it’s not well signposted. Make sure you know your exit upon approach and do take your time.     

Accident Hotspots in Dover

Many travel to Dover, not only to make the trip across to France, but to see the towering White Cliffs in all their glory. With many different vehicles taking to Dover’s roads, there are troublesome areas. Here are the common accident blackspots you should be aware of. When travelling through Dover, use the RAC Route Planner for up to date Dover traffic updates. 

The A20 

Travelling eastbound along A20 has seen several accidents. This could be as a result of the dual carriageway winding nature, through the hills. Keep an eye on any Dover traffic updates before you set off to help you plan for delays. 


Coombe Valley Road in Buckland has seen a number of accidents. This could be partly due to the nature of the single lane, narrow roads and also because of lorries and large vehicles trying to pass under low bridges. If you’re driving a lorry or van, make sure you know what’s ahead using the RAC Route Planner.

A2 Jubilee Way intersection 

A2 Jubilee Way has previously been reported as an accident hotspot. Be mindful of the traffic approaching the Deal roundabout on the A258 and the Eastern Docks Roundabout on the A20. With traffic moving in three different directions, the roads can become congested. Make sure you stay in your lane and stick to the speed limit.  

Upcoming Major Roadworks in Dover

Dover’s roads are frequently used by hundreds of vehicles making their way across the Channel Crossing every day. With this, plans are regularly put in place to improve driving conditions. Use the RAC Route planner to keep an eye out for any Dover travel news. 

Although there are no current plans to improve conditions, do check the Highways England website regularly. They have all the up to date information on any upcoming roadworks and planned projects in Dover.

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