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Dartford Traffic News

Wild marshlands, quaint villages and a famously busy toll bridge - Dartford is an important industrial city in the south east of England. 

Dartford was first established by the Romans who settled within the area to create a bridge across the River Darent. The name originates from Darent ford while the city flourished throughout the Middle Ages. The city played a historical part in the first popular uprising in England during the Peasant Revolt in 1381. Rebels gathered before marching onto Canterbury, Rochester and into London. 

Dartford is also deeply rooted in England’s heritage as the first paper mill was established in the city in 1588. But more famously, with strong links into London, it became a bustling iron-making centre for the country. It’s less than 20 miles from Dartford to the centre of London.

The main road in and out of Dartford is the A282 which sees you driving over the Dartford Crossing toll bridge. It was built in 1963 and controversially, under its original agreement, the Dartford crossing was meant to be free for drivers to use once it had paid for itself. Visitors regularly visit Dartford for its sprawling Bluewater shopping centre. The modern complex was built in 1999 and has given the area a new lease of life with entertainment, restaurants and nightlife spots. 

When visiting this bustling city, make sure you’re prepared for delays with the RAC Route Planner. It’ll give you up to date Dartford traffic news to help you plan your journey. 

Worst Junctions in Dartford

Passing through Dartford is the A282, a vital link for travellers making their way from the north into the south-east, onto Dover and into East London. With such important links and heavy traffic, there are some junctions that can be particularly tricky. Be mindful of these junctions and plan ahead using the RAC Route Planner to keep up to date with any Dartford travel news.  

You can expect traffic to build up within the centre of Dartford, particularly around The Priory shopping centre and along East Hill road. Taking your time in these areas and planning for delays will help you stay safe on the roads. 

In the middle of a built up area, the Princes Road Interchange can be a tough junction to navigate around due to the influx of road users. This interchange is where the bustling A296 meets the busy A282. With drivers heading out of the Dartford Tunnel wanting to head to the Bluewater shopping centre via the A296, you can expect traffic to build up. Use the RAC route planner to get to know your exit before you reach this junction.   

Dartford Tunnel, A282 - upon approach to the Dartford Tunnel you can expect congestion to build up. This could be due to the roads merging into just two lanes from the several access points at the toll. Once inside the tunnel, traffic will more than likely start to break up, but do allow time for delays. 

Accident Hotspots in Dartford

Dartford is a bustling city with a lot of heavy traffic from industrial lorries and travellers moving in and out of the city. These are the common accident blackspots in Dartford to be mindful of. Before you set off on your journey, plan ahead with the RAC Route Planner to help you keep on top of any Dartford traffic updates. 

B255 to the Bluewater Parkway 

Around the bustling Bluewater shopping centre, along the parkway, has been noted as an accident hotspot. This could be because of the sheer amount of traffic travelling in and out of the area. Stay in your lane and watch out for cars overtaking.  


On the way past the Princes Park Community Stadium into the city can be tricky to navigate through. Along the A225, traffic tends to build up due to the football fans making their way into the stadium and traffic from the Dartford Crossing into the city centre. Take your time here and make note of match times to plan your route. 

Dartford Crossing bridge 

With a heavy flow of traffic and queues making drivers even more inpatient, The Dartford Crossing has had previously reported accidents. Stay in your lane and don’t rush over the bridge.     

Upcoming Major Roadworks in Dartford

Highway England is constantly trying to improve the road conditions but with this, there may be significant roadworks and delays. Keep an eye on any Dartford travel updates using the RAC Route planner to help avoid roadworks and minimise delay.  

Upcoming major roadworks in Dartford include:

M25 junction 2- Localised work is currently underway by junction 2 on the M25. The scheme aims to widen and enhance the road markings as well as improving signage. You may experience some delays with the traffic management changes. This project is set to be finished in April 2019. 

A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction - Plans are set to improve the A2 trunk road between Bean, Bluewater shopping centre and Ebbsfleet. This 2km stretch hopes to improve traffic flow and congestion control while supporting the economic growth of the area. This project aims to start in March 2020 and finish in 2023. 

Do check the Highways England website for more up-to-date information on upcoming roadworks and planned projects in Dartford.