Driving lessons and tests to be suspended for second lockdown

Driving lessons and tests to be suspended for second lockdown
Learner drivers face lockdown frustration from today, as lessons and tests will be suspended in England between now and December 2nd.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) confirmed the move in a tweet posted on Monday:

“Following the Government announcement on tougher national restrictions from Thursday, driver and rider training and tests will be suspended in England from 5 November until 2 December 2020.

“We will be providing further guidance and contacting those affected as soon as we can.”

Although driving tests have been suspended in Wales as part of their ‘firebreak lockdown’, they’re due to start again from Monday 9 November. Tests will continue in Scotland.

Updates to the DVSA website show that theory tests will also be suspended in England until Wednesday 2 December.1

Theory tests follow the same pattern in other countries. Wales will offer the tests from Monday 9 November, while no suspension is planned for Scotland.

Theory test certificates will not be extended during the suspension period. The DVSA website explained: “This is because your road safety knowledge and hazard perception skills need to be up to date when you restart driving lessons and take your driving test.”

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Around 210,000 tests were cancelled due to the suspension between March and July earlier this year.

Although the latest rules forbid lessons with a professional, there’s nothing to stop a provisional licence holder from learning with someone in their support bubble.

‘Instructors’ should:

  • be at least 21
  • be qualified to drive the same type of car as the learner e.g. manual or automatic
  • have held their licence for at least three years
  • meet the minimum eyesight standards
  • not be paid to supervise the learner

Our How to teach a learner driver guide covers everything you need to know to keep provisional licence holders ready for a test when they return.

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