Tesla slams into bus with distinct ‘falcon wing’ door open

Tesla slams into bus with distinct ‘falcon wing’ door open
A Tesla Model X driver crashed into a stationary double-decker bus after leaving one of its ‘falcon-wing’ doors wide open.

The moment was caught on camera in Southgate, north London, on Saturday at around 4.45pm.

The footage shows the oblivious motorist driving down the road with their right-hand side rear door open upwards, before colliding with the number 125 bus from the opposite direction.

The impact shattered the glass on the bus driver’s window, who ducked away from the steering wheel to shield himself from the damage.

The driver of the £100,000 vehicle then moved it to the side of the road as its falcon wing hung limply from the car.

Tom Cunnington, TfL’s Head of Bus Business Development, said: “We are aware of an incident involving a route 125 bus on Saturday in Southgate, and a video on social media of the incident that shows what happened from an onlooker’s perspective.

“This would have been a very frightening experience for the bus driver, who we wish well, and we are supporting the bus operator’s ongoing investigation.”

The Tesla Model X was first launched in 2015 by Elon Musk’s well-known electric vehicle company. The model itself – Tesla’s most advanced to date – is instantly recognisable for its Batman-esque doors.

The vehicle is one of the longest range EVs on the market, with all-wheel drive and battery options that allow for well over 300 miles of range.

It boasts an air filtration system or ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ which is intended to filter out viruses.

Most notably, it has a warning alarm that goes off when the double-hinged doors are open – it is not known why this didn’t remind the driver to close their door and prevent the collision in Southgate.

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