Car Reviews : Best Selling of 2011

The annual new car sales top 10 reveals the big trends of British car buyers.

This year, sales fell by 89,593 units in 2011, dropping 4.4 per cent over 2010 figures to a total of 1,941,253 vehicles. This is partly explained by the fact scrappage was still in place during part of 2010.

It was still a tough new car market, meaning new car purchases were driven by fleet sales. They took more than half the market. Fleet-favourite superminis and family hatchbacks are also popular with retail buyers though: combine the two and you have a top 10 dominated by mid-range cars.

Here are the top 10 best selling vehicles of 2011.

  1. Ford Fiesta - The Ford Fiesta took the top spot for sales in 2011, with 96,112 units sold. The Ford supermini is a stalwart of the top-selling position in the UK.
  2. Ford Focus - The Ford Focus has been a staple of the British automotive industry for nearly 15 years now. 81,832 vehicles were sold in 2011.
  3. Vauxhall Corsa - 77,751 Vauxhall Corsas were registered in the UK last year, following a facelift for Vauxhall’s supermini range.
  4. Volkswagen Golf - The Volkswagen Golf recorded sales of 63,368 units in the UK last year, driven by demand for its TDI diesels.
  5. Vauxhall Astra - Vauxhall sold 62,575 Astras in 2011. The British-built range grew with the launch of a Sports Tourer estate variant.
  6. Vauxhall Insignia - The Insignia recorded total sales of 46,324 units in 2011, which were mainly sold to fleets and businesses.
  7. Volkswagen Polo - Volkswagen racked up 45,992 registrations of its three-door and five-door supermini range in the UK in 2011
  8. BMW 3 Series - The BMW 3 Series recorded registration figures of 42,471 in 2011, despite the launch of an all- new model towards the end of the year.
  9. Nissan Qashqai - The Qashqai is a British-built crossover SUV available with two- or four-wheel drive. 39,406 Qashqais were registered in the UK in 2011.
  10. MINI - The British Mini has long been a top 10 best-seller through the decades. The latest MINI last year recorded 35,845 new car sales.