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RAC Connected: Unlock the value of your vehicle data

RAC Connected offers multiple, bespoke and flexible fleet management solutions for businesses running a number of vehicles. Our technology will help you reduce business costs, boost driver safety, support the need to provide duty of care, and improve customer service – all by installing a small box in your vehicles. This powerful solution is one of the most affordable options on the market.

Minimise downtime

Receive alerts for routine maintenance. And minimise downtime by spotting issues before they cause a breakdown.

Lower carbon emissions

Gain insight into how your fleet and drivers use fuel and develop a clear picture of how you can reduce your CO2 emissions.

Enhance safety

Help your drivers become safer and keep their vehicles safe to drive – while meeting your duty of care responsibilities.

Compare our connected solutions


Powerful plug in fleet management - plug straight into a vehicle’s 12V power outlet. It takes care of admin for your drivers, making their lives easier too.

per month*
  • Simple, self-fit device

  • HMRC compliant mileage classification

  • Daily DVSA vehicle inspection

  • Driver behaviour & driver scoring

  • Timesheet & expense reporting

  • Mobile app


Connect360 provides an enhanced fleet management solution because the device is connected to the vehicle's on-board engine system.

per month**
  • Professionally installed OBDII device

  • HMRC compliant mileage classification

  • Live location, journey data & fuel usage

  • Driver behaviour & scoring, with crash detection

  • Timesheet & expense reporting

  • Mobile app

  • Covert installation

  • Optional vehicle health upgrade

  • Optional camera and driver ID upgrade

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Stay DVSA & HMRC compliant

Meet DVSA and HMRC regulations easily with first journey checks, accurate mileage recording and robust record-keeping

Improve customer service

Use real-time data to give accurate ETAs to customers. And spot journey patterns to streamline routes.

Reduce overall business costs

Save money on fuel, maintenance, insurance and more by monitoring and improving driver behaviour.

Bespoke to your business needs

RAC Connected is relevant for any business that has vehicles on the road. We offer a complete fleet management solution that is bespoke to your business needs, from a plug and play model that's easily accessible, affordable, and easy to install, in the ConnectOne product.

If you are looking for a more enhanced offering, our Connect360 package has upgrades, greater functionality, and is a comprehensive solution for fleet managers looking for a full understanding of fleet performance.


Telematics tracking systems help you better understand how your vehicles are being used enabling you to make informed choices and reduce your overheads. Features include real-time updates on your fleet’s location using GPS and geo-fencing, which allows you to set limits on where business vehicles can go, and when.

RAC Connected allows you to monitor drivers’ performance at all times and build a clear picture of how they behave behind the wheel. Thanks to our accurate scoring reports, you can identify non-efficient drivers and tailor training to address this. You can even be informed if one of your drivers exceeds a certain speed, allowing you to quickly address the problem.

Reduced maintenance costs
Telematics monitors driving performance so inefficient or reckless practices can be addressed quickly, before they have a negative impact on the condition of the vehicle – or on the driver’s safety

Save money on fuel
By promoting efficient driving, your business vehicles’ fuel consumption will improve so you won’t be spending as much at the pumps.