<p>Explore advanced tracking technology</p>
Explore advanced tracking technology with RAC Telematics

Business fleet tracking from RAC Telematics

For businesses running a number of vehicles, RAC Telematics will help you reduce business costs, boost driver safety, support the need to provide duty of care and improve customer service. All by installing a small box in your vehicles. Our powerful solution is one of the most affordable solutions on the market and won the BusinessCar Techies Awards 2017.

  • Driving costs down
    Increase fuel efficiency, identify potential vehicle health risks, reduce insurance premiums and reduce maintenance and overall fleet costs.
  • Real-time location and historical reporting 24/7
    Monitor vehicles from your customisable portal on your computer and provide the same information to your drivers through the mobile app.
  • Keeping vehicles and drivers safe
    Driver scoring reports will help you monitor driver style and behaviour, allowing you to encourage driver behaviour that raises safety and reduces fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Driver Identification and Privacy
    MyDrive is a Bluetooth key fob allows the identification of the driver who is driving the vehicle and allows drivers to control the visibility of private journeys.

NEW: RAC ConnectOne

Our new powerful plug in fleet management solution. Click below to find out more.

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Reduce fuel bills

The fuel efficiency tracker helps to encourage greater efficiency and minimise fuel costs.

Driver score reports

Monitor driving styles to help keep drivers and vehicles safe, with driver score reporting.

Save on wear and tear

Track speed, acceleration and braking, to minimise maintenance costs.

A small device that will make a big difference

Journey  Logging

Journey Logging

Featuring route histories, geo-fencing and points of interest, plus alerts and notification indicating hold-ups on favourite routes. 

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Vehicle health

Vehicle health

Reduce vehicle downtime through real time access to vehicle mileage, battery condition and engine fault codes.

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Collision detection

Collision detection

Industry leading, patented technology lets you know immediately about incidents involving your vehicles, with proven 92% accuracy. 

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Driver behaviour

Driver behaviour

Driver scoring recognises the good driving styles and habits which minimise risk, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. 

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See Telematics in action

Watch the video below which reports on the new wave of telematics technology

Advanced technology to benefit your business

24/7 Real time Location and Journey History

Monitor vehicles from a customisable portal on your computer.

Advanced Collision detection

We lead the market with a high level of accuracy on identifying incidents at speeds as low as 5mph.

Improved driver behaviour

Driver style monitoring scoring encourages safer and more efficient driving.

Business Car Award Winner 2016

Recognition for reduced fleet costs from fuel savings, better maintenance and higher levels of insight.