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Keep your business moving

with Courier Breakdown cover from the RAC
  • Pay monthly from £11 a month per vehicle^ – exclusive to the RAC
  • Van-for-van replacement when you choose Van Total cover
  • Our patrols fix 4 out of 5 breakdowns on the spot
^£11 a month per vehicle, Roadside, Recovery & At Home cover. Fleets of 2.
Courier Breakdown Cover

Need Courier Breakdown Cover? With RAC Business Breakdown, courier drivers are covered as standard, so you can count on comprehensive breakdown cover for your vehicle and less disruption to your business.

Covered as standard

We don't charge extra if you use your vehicle for courier services. Our Business Breakdown Cover includes specialist vehicle use such as a courier or van courier.

Online vehicle management

Get FREE access to our online vehicle management tool Business Club. Manage your vehicles, set reminders for MOTs and servicing, and get access to our Member Benefits.

Free Accident Care

Get FREE access to an end-to-end Accident Management service. Unlike most breakdown providers, if you have an accident on the road we'll come to your rescue - even if the accident was your fault.

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Why choose RAC Courier Breakdown Cover

No spare wheel?

All our patrols carry a Universal Spare Wheel to get you going again. Developed with a specialist manufacturer partner, the five-stud, 17-inch, lightweight alloy, multi-fit wheel works with a high proportion of vehicles.

Flat Battery?

Patrols also carry nine types of battery and, subject to availability, can replace 90% of condemned batteries at the roadside

Mix of vehicles in your fleet?

From cars and vans to minibuses, taxis and trucks, we can cover a range of vehicle types within a fleet.

Supercharge your cover with RAC breakdown extras

Battery Replace

With Battery Replace, you'll get a new battery worth up to £600 if yours can't be re-charged.

Legal Expense Insurance

If you have an accident that wasn't your fault, we'll help you claim back losses your motor insurance doesn't cover.

Tyre Replace

With Tyre Replace, you'll get up to £150 per tyre to repair or replace a damaged or punctured tyre.

RAC Mobile Mechanics

Our mobile mechanics bring the garage to you!

They can service or repair your vehicles at home or work, at a time to suit you. We’re here to keep your business moving.

What level of Courier Breakdown cover do you need?

Roadside and At Home

If we can't fix your vehicle at roadside, we'll tow you up to 10 miles to your destination of choice. With Roadside and At Home cover, we'll also cover your commercial vehicles if they break down within a mile of your registered address.

Roadside, Recovery and At Home

As well as all of the above, adding recovery to your breakdown insurance means that if we can't fix your vehicles at roadside, we'll take you and up to 8 passengers to your chosen destination anywhere in the UK.

Fleet vehicle replacement with Onward Travel

Add Onward Travel and if we can't fix the vehicle at the roadside, we’ll provide a replacement vehicle, or alternative transport costs or hotel accommodation through our Onward Travel Option. Unlike our competitors, we’ll replace a car for a car and a van for a van. So your business can keep moving, with minimal disruption. Take a look at our Van Breakdown Cover for more information.

European Breakdown cover

When you choose European Cover, your commercial vehicles will be covered in 51 countries plus their offshore islands across mainland Europe. If you break down, your vehicle will be fixed at the roadside, towed to the nearest garage for repair or returned to your home country. English-speaking incident managers are on call 24/7, and we’ll also help cover accommodation costs so you can continue with your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

As Couriers are covered in our Business Breakdown Cover as standard, you'll be minimising vehicle downtime and reputational damage to your business if your courier vehicle(s) breakdown.

If you're covering just one vehicle or more than one, it's always best to go to quote and buy to get the best price for your vehicle. 

With our Business Breakdown cover you will be covered as a courier as standard. This extends to our fleet cover that is for more than one business vehicle. We offer cover for a range of vehicle types within a fleet, from vans to minibusses. It is always best to go to quote and buy to get the most accurate price.

Yes, if you need to be towed to a garage for repairs the invoice for this will be sent to you.

With RAC Courier Breakdown Cover you'll have a pre-approved £300 parts limit which means we'll fit parts for up to £300 and invoice you later so you can get moving as quickly as possible.