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RAC Telematics App

Vehicle information whenever and wherever you need it, with the RAC Telematics Driver App

Fleet vehicle data at your fingertips with RAC Telematics App

The RAC Telematics Driver App gives drivers immediate access to key information, including vehicle health, driving score and journey information - all in one easily accessible place.

Telematics is already proving to be a vital tool for businesses in improving fuel efficiency, as well as reducing accidents and wear and tear on vehicles. This app is FREE to download for drivers with our award winning telematics already installed in their vehicle, helping them develop better driving habits, while saving the business time and money.

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The power to put information at drivers’ fingertips

Our Telematics App enables drivers to be proactive about vehicle maintenance.

For example, every year the RAC deals with around 50,000 battery replacements among business customers (second only to wheel changes as the biggest reason for Patrol callouts).

By using the new app in conjunction with the telematics unit, drivers can see exactly when the battery is failing.

Five key areas for drivers

Driving Score
  • Information and scoring on driver behaviours such as speed, acceleration and braking, that determine overall score.
  • Hints and tips to improve highlighted weak areas to become a safer driver, as well as improve fuel efficiency and reduce the risk of accidents.

Vehicle Health
  • Keeps the driver up to date on the health of the vehicle, and provides warning alerts for specific faults such as a battery running low or other engine components malfunctioning.
  • Helps to plan ahead and minimise vehicle downtime. 

Vehicle Status
  • Provides current location and status, average MPG.

  • View journey information, including time, location, mileage and duration, helping to keep track of vehicles and plan routes more effectively.

  • Displays business and private journey mileage, and generates mileage reports to help with personal expenses management.

My Information
  • Input MOT, tax, insurance and service dates into the app and receive timely reminders/alerts to book or renew.


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