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ConnectOne, powerful plug-in fleet management

ConnectOne is a telematics device your driver can plug straight into their vehicle’s 12V power outlet. By logging vehicle use and driving behaviour, it gives you the insight you need to reduce running costs and simplify compliance. It takes care of admin for your drivers, making their lives easier too.

Fully flexible

Move devices easily between vehicles without downtime. Adjust the number of active devices any time, with a rolling monthly contract.

Reduce costs

Understand and improve driving behaviour at an individual level. This can help reduce wear and tear and save on fuel.

Maximum efficiency

Track journey data to improve routes. You can even use geo-fenced alerts to speed up turnaround at depots, loading and stopping points.

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Powerful plug-in fleet management, for just £5.99 a month^

Get detailed insight into your fleet’s performance through a dedicated web portal and an intuitive app. No special tools needed – just plug the device into the cigarette lighter and away you go. Perfect for short-term hires, company cars, sub-contractors and grey fleet vehicles. All for just £5.99 per vehicle per month, on a 30 day rolling contract.

Get the most out of your data

Driver safety

Get reports on driver behaviour behind the wheel. Then use the data to coach your fleet to become safer and more efficient drivers.

Lower insurance

Monitor and correct driver behaviour to mitigate the risk of accidents and excess pay-outs.

Flag repairs

Spot issues before they disrupt your business. An easy-to-use daily inspection checklist from the driver’s phone makes maintenance easy.

Set up the App


Your driver will need to download the RAC Connected smartphone app to register themselves as a user.


Scanning the QR code located on the ConnectOne device your driver will link their details with both the vehicle and device.


The ConnectOne device is inserted into a 12V port and the smartphone app will confirm the installation is successful. Simply drive & the data will be shared.