<p><strong>HGV and Truck Breakdown cover</strong></p>
HGV and Truck Breakdown cover for all makes and models from 3.5T vans through to 44T trucks

HGV and Truck Breakdown Cover

covers your fleet from 3.5T vans to 44T trucks

If your car breaks down, it’s an inconvenience. If your truck breaks down, it can have a real impact on your business. So at RAC Business we provide our commercial customers with the same, impeccable level of breakdown service that we do to our other members. Truck Rescue gives you the peace of mind that should your truck break down, we’re there for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our comprehensive truck breakdown service means that we'll manage the whole process for you, from initial call through to roadside repair or recovery completion. If we can’t get you going, then we’ll make sure your truck is recovered quickly and efficiently, so you can get your HGV, LGV or tipper moving again as soon as possible.

What RAC Truck Rescue provides:

Our truck breakdown service gives you simple, no-nonsense truck rescue cover that’s affordable, practical and tailored to your business needs. It includes:

  • Cover for all makes and models from 3.5T vans through to 44T trucks
  • Truck recovered to a destination of your choice within a 40, 100 or 200 mile radius^ of where your vehicle breaks down

With over 25 years' experience providing specialist truck and van rescue services, you can put your trust in the RAC. Our industry experts have an in depth knowledge of truck manufacturers, ancillary equipment and haulage rescue and recovery services so you know you're getting a professional service that really understands your needs.


Pay On Use

For more information on our Pay On Use Truck Rescue :

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Annual Subscription

For more information on our annual subscription call us on:

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Paying for HGV Breakdown Cover

For added flexibility, you can now also choose from two ways to pay.

Pay on use - No admin costs

You will pay a small admin fee - from as little as £44 a year - then only pay when you need us


Call us on 0330 159 0955

Annual subscription

Alternatively, you could choose to pay one annual RAC Truck Rescue policy that covers each of your trucks for up to 4 breakdowns a year.

Call us on 0344 892 6268

^Depending on which cover option you choose