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RAC Fuel Card

Save your business up to 8p on every litre of diesel*

Fuel & EV charging cards

Are you looking to save time and money on your fuel expenses? Do you want to simplify EV charging for your business vehicles? 

As an RAC Business Club member we can help!

RAC Fuel Card powered by Allstar

Save up to 8p on every litre of diesel purchased across our exclusive Discount Diesel network*. Plus, get access to low cost supermarket locations to reduce your fuel costs further.

Minimise the need for drivers to deviate off-route to refuel

  • RAC Fuel Cards are accepted at over 7,700 fuel sites, covering 90% of the UK, including all major oil brands and supermarket locations.

Understand how and when your drivers fill up to make vehicle usage more efficient

  • Track where they access fuel services and how many miles per gallon they get.

Reduce paperwork and increase cash flow

  • HMRC compliant invoicing simplifies your fuel administration. No need to collect receipts from drivers, so lost VAT reclaims become a thing of the past.

Allstar One Electric Card

Pay for both fuel and electric charging with one handy card.

Access the UK’s largest combined EV charging and fuel network

  • With more fast charging points and fuel sites than any other network combined, your drivers will always find an Allstar site nearby.

Simplify home charging

  • Allstar’s dedicated home charging solution uncomplicates the payment process for driver’s EV charging at home. Any business-related charging is paid directly and accurately to their energy supplier**.

Lighten your administrative load

  • Revolutionise your fleet management and simplify complex driver charging and fuel needs. Allstar consolidates every transaction, regardless of fuel type, into a single HMRC-compliant invoice.

Allstar Online

See all your business fuel and charging expenditure in one user-friendly platform.

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