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RAC Connect360: Data-driven mobility solutions, tailored to your fleet

Maximise efficiency and reduce costs with a 360-degree view

RAC Connect360 is a comprehensive upgrade to ConnectOne, offering a far greater depth of vehicle data, including vehicle health. Tamper-proof and securely fitted, it connects directly with your vehicle’s onboard computer. And with Connect360, you have the flexibility to pick and choose the features that are best for your fleet, creating a totally bespoke package. Get in touch to discuss your needs – we’ll offer a tailored solution for your fleet management requirements.

A 360-degree view of your fleet

Improve safety

Reduce collisions, help drivers improve and lower insurance premiums – with real-time speeding alerts, crash detection and driver behaviour scores.

Know who's driving

Confidently track your vehicles and who’s driving them. Plus, see how much time they’re spending on the road, on-site or with customers.

Get visual insights

Revealing blind spots, protecting your van, providing evidence – our connected camera solutions give you a complete view of your fleet.

Enabling intelligent, data-led decision making

Automate compliance

Daily vehicle checks, mileage classification, expense and timesheet reporting – all made easy through automation.

Minimise downtime

Catch problems early with a real-time view of each vehicle’s health – including fault alerts and service and MOT tracking.

Optimise performance

Use location, journey, and efficiency data to gain a clear picture of your fleet’s movements and how to optimise performance.

Connect360: Intelligent mobility solutions

Giving you a full picture of your fleet vehicle

  • Tailored packages: Connect360 offers packages which can be used individually or combined. Options include: Compliance, Vehicle Health, Fleet Optimisation, Safety & Risk, Driver ID, Connected Camera Solution, Business Breakdown Cover.
  • Advanced Data & Insights: Knowing the location of vehicles, driver and engineers enables efficient dispatch and routing, saving time and avoiding the need for constant location updates or route changes.
  • Compliance, safety and risk reduction: Connect360 ensures compliance with regulations and employment law, providing information on mileage, timesheets and expenses. It also prioritises safely through features such as crash detection, driver scores, speeding alerts and an insurance based algorithm.
  • Smart breakdown service: With a view of your on-board diagnostics, we'll send the right resource and the right parts first time, getting you back on the road.