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Compare Business Breakdown Cover

Compare business breakdown cover and find the right cover for your business

Compare Business Breakdown Cover

Choosing the right breakdown cover for your business is important no matter what type of vehicle(s) your business operates. Business Breakdown cover is available at vehicle level so your business is guarded against any expensive down time you may encounter should any of your vehicles break down.

Vehicle level cover means any driver of the specified business vehicles on your policy are covered.

We understand that keeping your business moving by keeping your vehicles on the road is vital, but not all providers offer the same levels of cover. So whether you simply use your vehicle for work purposes, or manage an entire fleet of business vehicles, we’re here to help you compare breakdown cover for your business.

Whether you're looking for cover for your carvan or taxi, there's a breakdown cover level for you.

Compare Breakdown Cover Reviews

The RAC is Britain's most experienced breakdown cover provider and we are proud to be so. But don't just take our word for it when it comes to the quality of our cover. When you compare breakdown cover it's always advisable to read as many reviews as possible to gain a neutral view.

Reliability and Reputation

It's always reassuring to know you're in safe hands in the event of a breakdown. If you're stranded and awaiting help at the roadside you need to be assured that the support you receive will be timely and reliable, this is where the quality of your breakdown cover comes in.

RAC came out on top in the Auto Express 2021/22 survey for the best breakdown cover. Over half of RAC customers surveyed said their fault was fixed at the side of the road allowing them to continue on with their journey. 


Breakdown Cover Reliability

How did the RAC fair against competitors in the Auto Express 2021/22 breakdown cover survey?

Green Flag


Overall rank against value for money, callout time and fixing faults at the side of the road.


90% 89% 84%

How the policies compare

What you need to consider when you compare breakdown cover is that all providers offer something different. It’s vital you select a provider that offers cover suited to your business and you should understand what you require before you make a purchase.

Keep in mind that all providers offer standard cover, but going for the cheapest isn’t always the best option if you need an enhanced level of cover.

Levels of cover

There are a number of different cover levels and options to keep your business on the move with the four providers we’re comparing.

Typically these are the levels of cover offered:


This is usually included as standard breakdown cover. It means that if your vehicle breaks down a specified distance from where it’s registered you'll be covered and your vehicle will be attended to at the roadside.


Choosing recovery means if your vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside, you and your passengers will be taken to a chosen destination in the UK. This could be your preferred garage or maintenance partner, or your registered business address.

At Home

This level of cover means you can get the benefit of breakdown cover wherever you are, even if you breakdown at or within a 1/4 mile of your registered Business address.


Compare other services and extras

Optional Extras

Breakdown cover providers also offer several extra options that you can add to your membership, albeit usually at extra cost. When you compare breakdown cover, don't forget that one provider may offer a service another may not.


Green Flag
European rescue Available Available Available
Van-for-van replacement with Onward Travel Available Not Available Not Available
FREE Online Fleet Management tool Included Not Available Not Available

Fleet Management

You need to ensure you have a great quality policy in place, especially if you’re managing a fleet. Business or 'Fleet' Breakdown cover often differs from standard breakdown cover. This is because you can cover a number of cars, vans or motorcycles for commercial purposes, rather than covering one vehicle in the event of a breakdown.

It doesn’t matter whether your fleet of vehicles contains two cars or 20, this type of cover means you can take out one policy to cover all of your vehicles in the same way.

It’s good to note that many providers offer policies with a discount if you add more vehicles.

Comparison Summary

Take your time and be thorough when you compare breakdown cover for your business. Cost is usually the first thing customers consider when researching breakdown cover - but remember you need to choose a policy that works for you. If a policy is cheaper, it doesn't always mean it will be better for the requirements of your business.

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to cover your business against breakdown costs. Whichever provider you choose, remember that this cover needs to be a perfect fit for the model of your business. Finally - reputation and reliability are key - ensure your chosen provider is experienced, trusted and expert.

At the RAC, we're proud of the fact that 92% of our members say they would recommend RAC breakdown cover to their friends and family.

Still need to know the answers to a few pressing questions? Have a read through our FAQs below, or for policy information and terms for all of the providers discussed on this page, see the following documents:

Policy Documents


AA(Download from the bottom of the AA webpage)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need Business Breakdown Cover if you want to cover vehicles that are driven by more than one driver and registered to your business address. Breakdown cover is offered at varying levels to match the needs of your vehicles and your business.

Some personal policies, including vehicle policies, that are not specifically for business use will have restrictions in the terms and conditions. These can refer to commercial use of vehicles, excluding use from business premises or vehicles carrying items or people for money. It is always best to check that the policy is correct for your business so that you are not refused service.

Business Breakdown Cover can usually cover most types of vehicles. This includes cars, taxis, vans, motorbikes, minibuses and trucks. Most breakdown policies cover vehicles that weigh no more than 3.5 tonnes, and have certain rules and regulations on the dimension of the vehicles.

When you compare policies with different providers you should research what vehicles are covered before you make a purchase. Especially if your fleet contains more than one type of vehicle.

There are varying levels of Business Breakdown Cover, but generally all providers offer similar levels in their standard package. Most offer Roadside Assistance, Roadside Recovery, At Home cover - this last one means you’ll be covered even if you breakdown at, or within a mile of, the registered address.

Most providers offer different levels of cover on top of this so it’s important to compare breakdown cover to ensure you purchase the best one for your business.

The best way to find the best Business Breakdown policy for your business is to take your time and compare breakdown cover. First identify how many vehicles you need to cover, then work out what level of cover you need for your business and compare providers.

You will want the best quality cover possible, so ensure you choose a provider with a reputation of reliability.

All vehicles covered by a Business Breakdown policy can be driven by any driver authorised to do so by the policyholder. This is providing the driver meets all the legal driving requirements. This policy makes managing a fleet very simple.