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Large Corporate Insurance

Get the right Insurance for your business with RAC Corporate Insurance, fulfilled by Brightside

RAC Large Corporate Insurance is provided by Brightside Insurance Services Ltd. Products supplied by a panel of insurance companies. Details available on request.

Large Corporate Insurance

Corporate clients require much more from their broker than simply finding the best price for insurance. Through RAC Insurance, corporate clients requiring a consultative sales approach can access a team of advisory experts with expertise in a wide variety of fields.

The insurance experts from our trusted partner Brightside are there to work with you on a risk-management-led approach to building an insurance programme designed to tackle the fast-changing risks faced by businesses in the 21st century.  In today’s business world, uncertainty and new threats are taking over from traditional risks such as fire, theft, storm, flood, and the associated interruption risks.

Risks such as cyber threats, terrorism, climate change and environmental impairment liability are of ever greater concern to today’s business leaders. RAC Business Insurance can put you in touch with insurance and risk management professionals that deal with businesses facing these and other threats every day.

Bespoke commercial insurance policies may have limitations and exclusions. Please make sure you read all the documentation as soon as you receive it to confirm you’re happy with the cover provided.

All cover is subject to insurers’ underwriting criteria and full terms and conditions, which are available on request.


You have a legal obligation (as a buyer of commercial insurance), to disclose information before entering (or changing) a contract of insurance. We call this your duty to make a Fair Presentation of Risk.

It means that when you seek insurance, you need to volunteer and disclose all material information that is known by you (or should be known by you), which an insurer would want to know when it’s deciding whether to offer insurance cover and, if so, on what terms and at what price.

You need to make sure that facts are correct or substantially correct, and statements of expectation or belief are made in good faith.

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