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RAC Public Liability Insurance

Keep your business moving with RAC Public Liability Insurance, fulfilled by Brightside

RAC Public Liability Insurance is provided by Brightside Insurance Services Ltd. Products supplied by a panel of insurance companies. Details available on request.

RAC Public liability insurance; protecting your business

Public Liability Insurance gives your business the tailored cover needed to protect you from the legal costs that may be incurred from injuries to the general public, caused either by yourself or your staff. Via the RAC, you can get public liability cover from Brightside that’s tailor-made to suit your specific requirements – a great solution for sole traders, and small- to medium-sized businesses.

You’ll get access to a selection of different Public Liability Insurance packages, each one specifically designed to meet the challenges that SMEs face every day.

Why choose RAC?

At the RAC we don’t believe in simply providing everyone with a ‘one size fits all’ policy. The bespoke public liability insurance packages offered by our trusted partner are designed to fit your exact specifications, as well as provide you a host of additional extras including:

  • Fast and friendly service from expert staff in a UK business centre.
  • Tailor-made policies with flexible levels of cover to suit business needs.
  • Immediate cover.
  • Wide choice of policies from a panel of leading insurers.

You can also benefit from a range of optional extras so your business gets the cover it really needs, including:

  • Employers’ liability

This protects your legal responsibility for accidental death or bodily injury caused to your employees arising out of activities connected to your business. Cover can be extended for temporary employees.

  • Contract works

Normal liability insurance may not provide you with cover for contracts or ‘work in progress’. So contract works insurance protects construction projects (both permanent and temporary), as well as providing cover for theft and damages for any materials you are using on those projects.

  • Tools

Your tools are a major asset and can be worth thousands of pounds. Tools cover provides insurance for the tools of your trade, without which you may be unable to work.

Public Liability Insurance

As an employer you are liable for any client or general public injuries that were caused by your workers. As a result, your business needs the right cover to get the necessary protection against any claims made against your business. Public Liability Insurance is the most popular form of insurance used by small businesses to get that vital protection against those liabilities. It is important to remember that even a small scratch to an individual can lead to considerable costs to your business. Apart from having to pay out a sizable fine, businesses can also find themselves having to pay legal fees if the claim goes to court. With an RAC Public Liability Insurance package, fulfilled by Brightside, you can include cover for Employers’ Liability, Contract Works and Tools, making sure you’re covered for all these eventualities.

For SME owners it can be tempting to think that with smaller businesses come smaller risks. But even a small incident can result in a big pay-out. Even self-employed businessmen, normally working at home, might be liable during something as innocuous as trade event, where they might use a stall to attract new clients. If a part of the stall comes off, falls and hurts someone, an innocent mistake can quickly turn into a costly one if that injured person chooses to file a claim. Similarly, if that businessman visits a potential clients’ workplace, they may assume they are safe from liability if an incident occurs. In fact, if during that visit the entrepreneur accidently spills a coffee on a PC or server, without the right cover, that innocent mistake can incur huge costs. With the right insurance in place, your business will become more efficient and professional in the eyes of your clients. Instead of being caught out if an incident does occur, you can just let your insurer make the appropriate arrangements, as you focus on the day-to-day running of your company.

Bespoke commercial insurance policies may have limitations and exclusions. Please make sure you read all the documentation as soon as you receive it to confirm you’re happy with the cover provided.

All cover is subject to insurers’ underwriting criteria and full terms and conditions, which are available on request.


You have a legal obligation (as a buyer of commercial insurance), to disclose information before entering (or changing) a contract of insurance. We call this your duty to make a Fair Presentation of Risk.

It means that when you seek insurance, you need to volunteer and disclose all material information that is known by you (or should be known by you), which an insurer would want to know when it’s deciding whether to offer insurance cover and, if so, on what terms and at what price.

You need to make sure that facts are correct or substantially correct, and statements of expectation or belief are made in good faith.

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