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Keep your business moving

with Van Breakdown cover, from the RAC
  • Pay monthly from £16 per vehicle – exclusive to the RAC
  • We get to most breakdowns in 60 mins or less
  • Our patrols fix 4 out of 5 breakdowns on the spot
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^£16.00 a month per vehicle for Van Total cover, fleets of 2.
Van Breakdown Cover

RAC Van Breakdown cover is our specialist cover for vans. At RAC, we're van drivers too, so we understand how important keeping your van on the road is to you. That is why we have designed breakdown cover specifically for vans - to keep your van moving all year round.

Van-for-van replacement

If you rely on your van for work, time is money. With Van Total get a replacement van while yours is being fixed.

Trust the experts

We’re van drivers too – and our expert patrols have the right tools and technology to get you back on the road.

Online vehicle management

Set MOT reminders, update your details and amend your cover with our free online portal

Compare our Van Breakdown Cover

At the RAC, we provide cover tailored to your business needs. Our Van Breakdown Cover gives you the option of flexible monthly payments - exclusive to RAC. Looking for annual cover? Get a quote here.

Van Lite

I only need a 10-mile tow, and a 20-mile taxi from the garage.

a month^
  • Business cover, with Personal use

  • Rescue Anywhere

  • 10-mile tow

  • 20-mile taxi

  • Unlimited call outs


Van Total

I want a tow anywhere in the UK and a replacement van while my van's fixed

a month^
  • Business cover, with personal use

  • Rescue Anywhere

  • Tow anywhere in the UK

  • Van-for-van replacement, or overnight accommodation

  • Unlimited call outs

  • Parts fitted at roadside and invoiced later. Up to £300

^Price per month per vehicle based on a fleet of 2 vehicles. For prices on other fleet sizes and cover options get a quote here.

Our van breakdown cover

Rescue Anywhere

Unlike others, we won't make you upgrade to be covered at home or registered business address. We'll rescue you on your driveway or on the road as standard. And we'll always try to fix you on the spot, rather than towing you straight to a garage.

Tow & Taxi

With Van Lite if we can't fix you there and then, you'll get a 10-mile tow to the nearest garage or another destination. If your vehicle goes to the garage, we'll reimburse you for the cost of a taxi ride up to 20 miles. With Van Total we'll tow you, your passengers and your van anywhere in the UK - so you'll always get to your destination.

Van-for-van replacement

In the unlikely event we're unable to fix your vehicle at the roadside, with Van Total, we'll give you a replacement van for up to 2 days or provide overnight accommodation or cover alternative travel costs.

Supercharge your cover with RAC breakdown extras

Battery Replace

With Battery Replace, you'll get a new battery worth up to £600 if yours can't be re-charged.

Legal Expense Insurance

If you have an accident that wasn't your fault, we'll help you claim back losses your motor insurance doesn't cover.

Tyre Replace

With Tyre Replace, you'll get up to £150 per tyre to repair or replace a damaged or punctured tyre.

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Need cover your car too? Try our mixed fleet cover

Breakdown cover explained

What is van breakdown cover?

Van breakdown cover is there to help if your vehicle breaks down in the UK. For example, if you get a puncture or a flat battery. It means you can call for help and an expert will arrive to fix you on the spot or provide you with breakdown recovery to a nearby garage.

There are different levels of cover to choose from. Most providers only offer roadside assistance as standard. But at the RAC, we include roadside and home rescue, garage support and alternative transport with all our van breakdown cover options.

What types of breakdown cover are there?

You can buy breakdown cover for your van, or we also offer car breakdown cover, with cover for electric and hybrid vehicles as standard, plus taxisminibuses and trucks. You can also choose a mix of vehicle types, with our mixed fleet cover.

We offer van specific breakdown cover because we know van drivers have different needs to the average road user. 

Van Lite offers rescue anywhere with a 10-mile tow and 20-mile taxi from the garage. Van Total offers tow anywhere as well as a replacement van while yours is being fixed.  

Why do I need Van Breakdown Cover?

Every commercial vehicle can break down, but having a van off the road can lead to costly downtime, delays in jobs, and possibly reputational damage. With RAC Business Breakdown, our patrols fix 4 out of 5 vehicles on the spot, with repairs done at the roadside in an average of 30 minutes, getting you back on the road and able to do your job.

Vehicle cover

Vehicle breakdown cover means your vehicle is covered no matter who is driving. All our business breakdown policies cover your vehicle so you're covered no matter who is driving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our RAC Van Breakdown Cover is specialised cover for your work van. We pride ourselves on being one of the only breakdown providers to specifically offer a replacement van, if you need it, when you buy our Van Total cover. You can find our most up to date offers and pricing here.

With RAC Van Breakdown cover you cover the vehicle(s) operated by you or your business rather than the drivers. Individual drivers are not necessarily covered in all of your vehicles, only the vans which are included on your policy.

Van breakdown cover covers specific vehicles in your fleet, whether it’s your only vehicle or part of a large fleet of vans or other business vehicles. To add multiple vehicle types to your policy build your cover here.

This is any van, car derived van, pickup or motorhome that meets the size and weight restrictions in our terms and conditions - and is not used for hire and reward purposes.

Vehicle dimensions:

  • Max Weight (gross) - 3.5 tonnes
  • Max Width - 2.3 metres (7ft 6in)
  • Max Length - 7.6 metres (21ft)

At RAC Business we know that your fleet can contain both cars and vans, so our Business Breakdown cover has you covered in both. Simply select how many cars and vans you have, and specify the vehicle details when prompted.

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