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RAC Telematics A system of innovation at the forefront of connected car technology

Commercial fleet tracking from RAC Telematics

Discover the power of our award winning RAC Telematics*, giving you accurate, data driven real-time insight into your fleet, available 24/7, enabling you to make more informed decisions. Our advanced solution includes driver risk management, advanced incident detection and response, vehicle health monitoring linked to roadside recovery, live traffic feeds and bespoke reporting. Key features include:

  • Simple and rapid to install (plug-in or hard-wired) with pre-installed global SIM and over the air configuration
  • Cloud based platform provides a scalable, feature rich solution which includes a market-leading accident detection tool and comprehensive vehicle fault reporting system
  • Information accessible via portal, reporting or apps
  • Total data integration through API or data feeds

*Business Car Techies award for Telematics 2016

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Track your fleet 24/7

Get real-time insight on your vehicles to inform your decisions

25% less wear and tear

Monitoring speeding and braking encourages better driving and minimises maintenance

Reduce fuel bills by 15% on average

Use data to optimise routes and eliminate unnecessary journeys

Advanced levels of insight delivered in real time

Vehicle diagnostics

Vehicle diagnostics

We can monitor vehicle health in real-time and provide you with remote information about vehicle faults and problems. RAC insight teams use history and experience combined with real time data to provide industry leading preventative maintenance services.

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Collision detection

Collision detection

RAC patented technologies ensure collision reports are accurate to over 92%*, at speeds down to 5mph, and provides the key information required to enable fast decision making.     *Independently verified by Transport Research Laboratories, February 2015.

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Improve driver performance and safety

Improve driver performance and safety

Evaluate driver risk by providing data on actual driving behaviour to facilitate targeted driver improvement training. Accurately monitor your drivers’ performance in real-time, at all times.

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Improving service delivery

Improving service delivery

Cloud based technology allows you to store your fleet data for longer, providing access to historic records.

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Advanced technology to benefit your business

24/7 tracking

Monitor drivers from a customisable portal on your computer or mobile app

92% crash detection

We lead the market with a high level of accuracy from just 5mph

Improved driver behaviour

Driver scoring helps identify and specific training needs

Business Car Award Winner 2016

Recognition for the benefits of RAC Telematics, including fuel cost savings

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