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RAC Connected Solutions

Our technology will help you reduce business costs, boost driver safety, support the need to provide duty of care, and improve customer service

RAC Connected Solutions: Our features

RAC Connected offers multiple, bespoke and flexible fleet management solutions for businesses running a number of vehicles. This powerful solution is one of the most affordable options on the market, and comes with a range of fantastic features.

0 see a reduction in fuel usages^
0 see a reduction in speeding fines or incidences^
0 see a reduction in maintenance costs^

Crash detection

RAC Telematics includes patented, highly accurate technology for detecting collisions, which has been extensively tested by the Transport Research Laboratories (TRL). By monitoring both acceleration and vibration signatures at the point of an incident, RAC Telematics is able to identify whether a crash has, or hasn’t, taken place with a 92% certainty.

Our highly accurate crash detection certainty is market leading, especially when compared to the industry standard of 50%. It also means you’ll receive an accurate FNOL (first notification of loss) report of an incident within minutes.

Driver behaviour

Having the capability to score driving style helps you manage risk, identify those people who aren’t driving efficiently and fulfil your ‘duty of care’ obligations for drivers.

This risk scoring is made possible by monitoring defensive or aggressive driver styles. So you’re able to decide on any training that’s needed, as well as reward and encourage safe driving. As well as improving driver safety, driver scoring can help reduce the risk of driver accidents, repair costs and expenditure.

Vehicle tracking

By installing a small telematics box, you can keep track of your cars, vans and drivers at all times from your customised portal, where you’ll receive up-to-the-minute information.

Not only does this tracking give you the vital information that could save you money, it can help you promote greener driving within your business by identifying unnecessary journeys.

Vehicle health

Keeping vehicles on the road is a core part of our business. RAC Telematics provides real time data, helping you reduce vehicle downtime which can be a major cost to your business. You can be smarter in the way you plan repairs and maintenance as well as increase the residual vehicle value through the management of contract mileage and the fast response to vehicle faults.

Telematics enables you to remotely monitor your vehicles health and performance from your computer or mobile device.


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^Survey of 1,000 UK business conducted by RAC. The findings in the report reflect the responses of those who took part in our research.