Drivers urged to take care as heavy snow arrives

Drivers urged to take care as heavy snow arrives
Drivers have been urged to be prepared as up to 15cm of snowfall is expected to bring travel disruption.

The warning came as temperatures fell to minus 5C in central England overnight on Monday with motorists set to face ‘their first taste of winter’ according to the RAC.

Weather warnings have been issued across Scotland and northern England, with snow expected from midday Tuesday through to rush hour on Wednesday morning.

People driving across hilly areas above 200 to 300 metres can expect to face between 4 and 8cm of snow. Higher up, above 300 metres, up to 15cm is forecast.

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RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Drivers are about to get their first taste of winter – so it makes sense to get prepared now to lessen the risk of breaking down in what are going to be cold, difficult conditions. Check coolant and screenwash levels, and if you’re topping up the latter make sure you use the right concentration to protect your vehicle against freezing conditions.”

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Along with the cold temperatures and snowfall, the south west could be hit by gales of up to 50mph.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sillitoe detailed how events were likely to unfold over the coming hours.

“A yellow weather warning will be in place from 12pm today until 9am tomorrow covering high ground from Scotland down the east coast to the Midlands and we could see snow to lower levels below 200 metres of around 2cm (0.7ins),” she said.

The forecaster also warned of a miserable commute on Wednesday, saying it will be ‘quite slow getting out and about’ with drivers having to reach for their frost scrapers. 

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Motorists have been warned to drive cautiously if they are planning on driving at any time during these adverse conditions and to be prepared for sudden changes of weather and road conditions.

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