Caravan owners 'need tyre checks'

Road safety group TyreSafe is encouraging caravan owners to check their vehicle's tyres before setting out on a trip over the upcoming bank holiday and Easter period.

Caravans, trailers and motorhomes are all at risk of severe tyre degradation as they are often left unprotected and unused through winter, the organisation said.

Although tyre safety is crucial for all vehicles, the organisation recommends caravan owners in particular check the sidewalls and tread on their tyres. Any sign of cracking should lead to professional advice or replacement of the tyre, TyreSafe said.

Harmful UV rays can sometimes lead to tyre degradation, as they penetrate the rubber ingredients that give the tyre its resilience and flexibility.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said exposure to the elements without movement can cause severe damage to the rubber. He added that it's therefore vital tyres are properly inspected and maintained.

The organisation recommends getting a professional inspection, but anyone checking their own tyres should pay particular attention to the sidewall and tread and any bulges, cuts or lumps.

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