Car value experts reveal the 10 most collectable cars for 2022

Car value experts reveal the 10 most collectable cars for 2022
Petrol-heads with a penchant for long-term financial returns – listen up.

Hagerty’s 2022 Bull Market List released earlier this week gives its selection of 10 collectables, rated as having the best scope for value increases. In short, classic and modern cars you can buy with minimal fear of losing money.

Aimed at those who’d drive them during their ownership, these vehicles have been selected based on market valuation and insurance data. So here’s that 10-car selection in full:

  1. Ferrari 458 Italia (2010–2015)
  2. Maserati 3200 (1998-2002) 
  3. Mini Cooper R50 (2001-2006)
  4. MG TB (1939-1940)
  5. Porsche Boxster (1996-2004)
  6. 1961 – 1994 Renault 4L
  7. Renault Clio Williams (1993-1995)
  8. Rolls-Royce Camargue (1977-1986)
  9. Triumph TR6 (1969-1976)
  10. Volkswagen T3/T25 Camper (1979-2002)

Ferrari 458 Italia (2010–2015)


Average values today: from £104,000 to £200,000

As the Maranello factory’s last naturally-aspirated V8 mid-engine supercar, it’s a fair bet to record a rise in value over the coming years. Hitting 124mph in 10.4 seconds – with capability to go beyond 200mph – where exactly one would find use for it is more debatable.

Maserati 3200 (1998-2002) 


Average values today: from £8.900 to £26,650

This truly distinctive, Giorgetto Giugiaro-designed offering is becoming an increasingly popular sight at UK auctions, with around 12 models consigned every year. Hagerty says its unique design, prestige badge and high performance make it a relative steal.

Mini Cooper R50 (2001-2006)


Average values today: from £900 to £6,650

Bringing a sense of fun back into driving, BMW’s Mini relaunch in 2001 may not have been roundly welcomed at the time, but early versions are now becoming en vogue. Instantly recognisable and increasingly collectable, they’re selling fast at auction with a high 92% success rate.

MG TB (1939-1940)


Average values today: from £25,200 to £59,900 

With just 379 built, and as the oldest car in Hagerty’s list, the MG TB is a no-brainer investment – if you can get your hands on one. Enjoying a relatively  powerful XPAG engine, it also offers entry into a host of historic motorsport events.

Porsche Boxster (1996-2004)


Average values today: from £4,875 to £12,650 

The company’s saviour, thanks in large to efficient production, the 986 Boxster is known by many as the affordable way to own a Porsche. An 89% auction success rate suggests this original has now firmly cemented its rightful place on the modern-classic scene.

Renault 4L (1961 – 1994)


Average values today: from £2,800 to £8,400

A rare find here in the UK, it makes the list largely based on Renault’s recent announcement it’s returning the nameplate as an all-electric crossover in the next three years. Values have climbed 39% since 2019 alone, and are expected to keep going.

Renault Clio Williams (1993-1995)


Average values today: from £8,400 to £24,267

Developed by Renault Sport, this rally-inspired car’s limited production run and motorsport heritage mean it’s making waves in the collectables world. Even models with more than 100,000 miles on the clock have been selling at auction recently – hot property indeed.

Rolls-Royce Camargue (1977-1986)


Average values today: from £25,000 to £70,000

When the 531 Camargue models were forged in the 1970s and 80s, they were sold for what today would be an equivalent value of £291,000. With an auction success rate that’s nearly doubled to 83% compared to 2016 figures, it’s another one finally making its move.

Triumph TR6 (1969-1976)


Average values today: from £6,200 to £31,000

Hugely successful in the US where the bulk of its 94,000 sales went through, nowadays there’s a TR6 to work with most budgets. Hagerty has noticed a 13% increase average value over the past two years, making this simple yet stylish model well worth a look.

Volkswagen T3/T25 Camper (1979-2002)


Average values today: from £5,600 to £23,750

The rise of the staycation in recent years has also left an impression on the classic campervan market, with fans snapping them up during the pandemic. Experts say the T25, while perhaps not VW’s prettiest, presents better handling, safety and potential sell-on value than other variants.


Which of the bunch takes your fancy? Leave a comment below.

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