Air pollution tab should not be picked up by drivers - MP

Air pollution tab should not be picked up by drivers - MP
The UK needs to “get smarter” in its war against air pollution, according to the chairwomen of the cross-party alliance charged with developing the Government’s strategy.

Conservative Kirstene Hair is urging Prime Minister Theresa May to reduce the financial burden on drivers – who may have been “disproportionately” blamed for poor air quality.

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The all-party parliamentary group for fair fuel for UK motorists and UK hauliers, believes costs for drivers should be kept down.

It is launching an inquiry into measures which could reduce pollution without hitting motorists in the pocket.

Ms Hair explained how the group will also look into the idea that medical evidence has seen drivers of cars, lorries and vans forced to accept undue blame for the problems.

Last week, new data from RAC Fuel Watch uncovered more costly news for motorists, showing April’s pump prices to be the highest for 16 months.

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Ms Hair said: "I am confident there are resolutions out there, as well as lessons to be learned from other countries, which do not add an additional financial burden to the motorist.

"The easy option is to simply tax drivers but that is not always the most effective method, nor does it help grow the economy.

"We need to get smarter when tackling pollution and this inquiry is a step in the right direction and aims to bring together innovative proposals to present to government."

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