How to change a wheel

How to change a wheel

Changing your car's wheel isn't as difficult as it seems – we show you how.

Video transcript

Secure the vehicle

Apply the handbrake

Engage 1st gear

Make sure the vehicle is on level ground

Have the correct tools/jack ready

If you have a hi viz jacket, put it on and if you have a warning triangle place it XX metres away from the car if it is safe to do so

Remove the hub cap/wheel trim if fitted

Expose the wheel nuts

if you have anti theft nuts make sure you know where the key is to unlock them and remove this nut first

Slacken off the wheel nuts but do not remove

Jack the car up – make sure you know where to place the jack. There is a diagram on the jack itself showing how to use it. If uncertain, refer to the handbook

Make sure the handbrake is on, the car is in 1st gear and at no time go under the vehicle

Slide the jack into the correct position and then take the wheel off by removing all the nuts

Put the wheel under the vehicle to keep it out of the way and should the car fall off the jack it will then fall onto the wheel

Check the markings on the spare tyre to see if there are any speed restrictions and on some vehicles spare wheel nuts may vary from those taken off from the original wheel

Fit the spare wheel onto the vehicle and rotate until the holes line up

Refit the wheel nuts alternately and tighten until the wheel is secure

Remove the wheel from under the vehicle

Lower the jack

Once the jack has been removed the nuts can be re-tightened (clockwise direction)

Tighten up as far as you can and then take the car to a garage as soon as possible to get the wheel nuts correctly torqued