Top 10 essentials for the school run car

Children across the country have been returning to school over the past week, which will have seen many family motors start the daily school run again.

This journey is rarely savoured: it is often fraught, with parents and children alike rushing to start their daily business.

There are steps you can take to make the school run that bit easier, though. A bit of forward-planning this weekend will make your car safer, more secure and simply a nicer place to be when the school run gets underway again on Monday morning.

Here are 10 essentials every school run car should contain...

1 Tissues

An essential no school run car should ever be without. They're not just for noses and tears, either – tissues are the Swiss Army knife no mum's handbag is ever without.

2 Wet wipes

The wash-on-the-go sibling of the fabled tissue, wet wipes are just the thing to clean up sticky fingers or grubby faces on the run.

3 Dinner money

It's easily forgotten: make sure the kids don't go hungry by storying emergency cash somewhere in the car. Keep it out of sight for security, though.

4 Snacks

Never underestimate the power of an emergency cereal bar, soft drink or piece of fruit. In the rush to leave the house, they can fill the snack box and save mid-morning munchies.

5 Mobile phone charger

A mobile phone is no use if it is flat. Grab an emergency top-up on the way to school with an in-car phone charger.

6 Pens

Seems obvious, but how many of us can never find a pen when we need one? Save any trouble with the teacher by storing a pen or two in the glovebox.

7 The school phone number

Stuck in traffic? Panic less by getting in touch with the school to alert them of the holdup.

8 Spare coat

Dashing out the house and realising you've forgotten your coat is never nice. A flat-pack raincoat or an old jacket in the boot can be a real saviour if the weather is grotty.

9 Spare tie

Easily forgotten – so save the debate of whether to risk a late registration tick or an incomplete uniform note with an emergency spare in the glovebox.

10 Bottled water

After a long day at school, refresh hard-working kids with a glug of mineral water. This may also keep them away from fizzy soft drinks too!