The easiest way to check your car's engine oil

The easiest way to check your car's engine oil

How to correctly check oil level in your car's engine.

Video transcript

Make sure the car is on level ground

Only to up the oil when the engine is cold, if warm allow time for the oil to settle

Identify the dipstick which is usually marked in a bright colour

Make sure you have some clean cloth/paper towel to hand

Remove the dipstick and clean off the oil

The dipstick has ‘min’ and ‘max’ marks on it

Replace the dipstick and remove again to check the level. If the oil is between the two marks it is OK. If there is no oil, you will need to put some in the engine

Identify the ‘Oil’ cap – this is usually marked with an oil can on it

Different engines require different oil so check with the handbook what oil your car requires and only use the correct oil, do not use water

Remove the oil filler cap and pour in the required amount of oil. Pour in small amounts at a time and recheck the level on the dipstick

Allow time for the oil to reach the sump but do not over fill as this can cause damage to the engine

Remember to replace the cap

Oil should be checked at least fortnightly

Make sure you clean up any spills

If you are uncertain about the amount of oil required or the type of oil, check in the handbook

Most cars only take about X litres of oil