<p><span><strong>Regular checks to protect vehicle health</strong></span></p>
Regular checks to protect vehicle health and reduce downtime

Reduce fleet downtime with vehicle health monitoring

Keeping vehicles on the road is a core part of our business. RAC Telematics provides real time data, helping you reduce vehicle downtime which can be a major cost to your business. You can be smarter in the way you plan repairs and maintenance as well as increase the residual vehicle value through the management of contract mileage and the fast response to vehicle faults.

31% of businesses using Telematics have seen a reduction in maintenance costs^ by monitoring:

  • Vehicle mileage
  • Battery condition
  • Warning lights
  • Fault codes

Telematics enables you to remotely monitor your vehicles health and performance from your computer or mobile device.

For more information on how business are benefiting from Telematics, see our RAC Telematics Report 2016

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^Survey of 1,000 UK business conducted by RAC between September 2015 and April 2016. The findings in the report reflect the responses of those who took part in our research.