<p><strong>Track your vehicles with up-to-the-minute information</strong></p>
Track your vehicles with up-to-the-minute information with RAC Telematics

Fleet location tracking with RAC Telematics

By installing a small telematics box, you can keep track of your cars, vans and drivers at all times from your customised portal, where you’ll receive up-to-the-minute information.

Not only does this tracking give you the vital information that could save you money, it can help you promote greener driving within your business by identifying unnecessary journeys. 

Our comprehensive vehicle tracking helps you in the following key areas:

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POI & Geo-fence


Collision Detection

  • Real-time vehicle location tracking
  • ETA’s with live traffic adjustments
  • Live status and availability of drivers
  • Route tracking and availability
  • Track and reduce time at client address
  • Real-time job completion data
  • Receive alerts for POI activity
  • Idling alerts
  • Speeding alerts 
  • Instant alert of vehicle collision
  • Detailed Collision Detection report with location, speed and severity

Case Study

RAC Telematics provides the latest in vehicle tracking technology to support Exhibitions & Displays, a small business which is benefiting from the fuel efficiency, reduction in wear and tear on vehicles and ability to track their drivers on the move, which comes with our market-leading telematics system.

MyDrive – for enabling private journeys

Research shows that there are concerns over privacy when it comes to telematics and it’s tracking technology. 

Our survey of 500 UK firms found that 40% of staff were worried about intrusion into their privacy, with 1 in 6 declining to install telematics as a result.^

As a result we launched a Bluetooth-enabled personal ID fob called RAC MyDrive. It gives the driver the option of making journeys private when they’re not on business-related journeys and using the vehicle outside of their agreed working hours.

And crucially, it recognises which driver is driving which vehicle.

^Research conducted by 3Gem on behalf of RAC Business, among 500 UK business decision makers, April 2016