Why leasing works for me

RSL Surveyors is a chartered building surveyors based in Paignton with five full-time employees, it also operates serviced offices in Exeter and Wadebridge.

The challenge

As founding partner Simon French notes:

“We tried virtual working from home but we found it didn’t function as well. I like being in an office, chatting to my colleagues and bouncing ideas around. I also spend a lot of time in the car, which I use as an office.

“I do around 16,000 miles per year, as does my business partner. We also have AutoCAD technicians who are more office-based and are probably doing about a third less than that on the road per year. Still, that’s a lot of mileage overall.

“I bought my last car personally because I thought that was the best way to do it. What I didn’t realise was that there was a much better way.”

The solution

Simon French continues:

“I took on board the depreciation and maintenance of my car and worked out how much I was actually spending a month. I then contacted Arval and discovered that it was much more financially viable to lease the car rather than buying it outright once I considered the whole life costs and the resale value after two years.

“The thing is, people are looking at mileage very closely. Buying a second-hand car and selling it after a few years with very high mileage would have a big impact on the resale value.

“It’s also easy to forget that in the two or three years that you have a car you’re going to change the tyres at least twice. It quickly adds up. Even with a new car, if something goes wrong that isn’t covered by the manufacturer you’ve got to find the money to be able to fix it. For a lot of smaller businesses, if a car repair bill were to come in it’s hard to find a spare few hundred pounds to sort it out.

“Leasing gives you peace of mind. I know that if there’s a problem Arval is going to come along, put it in the garage and sort it out. I don’t even have to remember when to take in the car for a service or pay the tax, as I get an automatic reminder. With the hours that I work that’s a godsend.”

The results

Simon French adds:

“I have a Vauxhall Insignia Estate on a lease that costs £330 per month. Nowadays I wouldn’t consider buying a vehicle, because I worked out that I was saving around £130 per month switching to a lease through Arval.

“The choice of car is also much wider. I can look at opportunities to drive cars that I wouldn’t have if I was trying to buy them outright. If I was to have chosen not to have the maintenance option provided by Arval, it would have reduced my payment by nearly £50 a month. But having maintenance covered means a lot, as there will be no surprises. However some may feel that a new car shouldn’t have issues and therefore its not needed. With my mileage the cost of new tyres would be the same as three months maintenance, so for me maintenance was a ‘no brainer.’

“And what’s more, if anything goes wrong I take my vehicle in and I get a courtesy car. Plus leasing a more modern car is very cost effective. Not only are you saving in terms of the fuel economy, you’re not having to deal with the tantrums that an older car throws at you. My new two-litre car delivers better mpg than my wife’s car, which is a 1.2 litre.

“The reality is that Arval offers real peace of mind and the economics of it all makes sense. Sorting it all out it was very easy and all the paperwork was really fast. It’s as simple as telling them what sort of car you want.”

Special leasing offers


The number between 65 and 67…

A road trip through the USA…

England v Germany in that World Cup Final…

…What does 66 mean to you?

To us, it means a brand new car or van from RAC Business Club Leasing. With fixed monthly costs and a wide variety of makes and models, we can help you find the right vehicle for your business. Check out our latest special offers to find out more.

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BMW 4 Series Gran Diesel Coupe 420d M Sport Auto

  • £264.99+VAT per month
  • Add maintenance for £22.43 per month
  • Price based on 36 month contract/10k miles per annum.
  • Initial payment equivalent to 6 rentals in advance followed by 35 payments

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Ford Transit Connect L1 Diesel 1.5tdci 75ps Trend Van

  • £179.99+VAT per month
  • Add maintenance for £21.02 per month
  • Price based on 36 month contract/10k miles per annum.
  • Initial payment equivalent to 6 rentals in advance followed by 35 payments

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