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FREE comprehensive guide to fleet management

In practice, fleet management can take on several forms often dependent on the size of your business or its fleet.

All you need to know for an efficient fleet, however large or small.

In practice, fleet management can take on several forms often dependent on the size of your business or its fleet.

Simply put however, fleet management is the organisation and coordination of commercial vehicles.

The logistical side to fleet management varies from company to company, whether that is a one-man band keeping their van on the road, or a large corporate organisation orchestrating its fleet of company cars.

Nevertheless, the principles and objectives surrounding fleet management remain largely the same.

No matter what size a company's fleet, the aims are simple; keep costs low, efficiency high and your vehicles moving.

Throw into the mix the duty of care you have to keep any drivers you may employ safe, and it's not difficult to see why fleet management can be an all-encompassing task.

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A vehicle off the road can cost businesses up to £500 per day*. Good fleet management can help you minimise or avoid vehicle downtime altogether.

The cost of running a fleet affects a fleet of one as much as it affects a fleet of 100 and meticulously monitoring the money your business spends on keeping its vehicles on the road is a large part of a fleet manager's role.

Our free white paper addresses the ways in which companies both large and small can carefully study the way its vehicles are managed and will help you consider ways to keep fleet costs down and your vehicles well-organised.

Keeping on top of your fleet isn't easy and a keen eye for organisation is required in order to reduce the chance of vehicle downtime.

There's a lot to consider when running your business vehicles and our guide will break down the extensive list of fleet management essentials and help make your fleet more efficient.

When your business relies on its vehicles being on the road even the simplest of tasks such as ensuring they are road legal, company car tax is paid, or that the vehicles are in good health, cannot be overlooked.

We'll take you through the fundamentals of setting your fleet up right, as well as the more sophisticated solutions available to fully optimise your fleet.

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*According to research carried out by 3Gem media among 1,000 businesses for the RAC in 2017.