Van theft on the rise in the UK

On average 30 vans stolen every day

With so many UK businesses relying on their van or multiple vans to operate smoothly, the latest van theft statistics paint an alarming picture.

A recent study has highlighted that van related crime is increasing across the UK and the result is a hefty cost of over £61.9 million to businesses in lost tools and other items since 2016.

The research conducted by WhatCar?, who submitted a Freedom of Information request to obtain the data, discovered that between 2017 and 2018 there was an 8.21% increase in van theft, with the trend continuing into 2019.

In fact, since 2016 over 43,000 vans were stolen, that’s an average of 30 vans per day. A further 117,000 vans were broken into over the same period.

With the costs to doing business without a van so damaging to so many, securing your vehicle and its contents can be imperative to the operational stability of your business.

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As well as theft statistics, the study also looked into the security of modern vans.

It found that 90% of new vans come with remote locking and 80% come with a deadlock which makes it much more difficult for thieves to pick the lock of the van.

However, the research also showed that only 42% of new vans are produced with an alarm fitted as standard, while 5.5% don’t actually have the capability to have one fitted.

Given the increase in van theft it is surprising to see that in some cases, even the bare minimum in van security isn’t being applied to vehicles.

Additionally, even the basic van security such as an alarm or smart locking isn’t always enough to deter thieves.

Often keeping your van on the road or your tools safe is crucial to your ability to do business as usual, meaning ensuring that it remains well protected is necessary in order for your business to run smoothly.

Extra measures can be taken to guard your vehicle’s contents, as well as the van itself.

Parking in well lit areas and avoiding leaving your van in quiet or hidden places overnight can help keep it secure from thieves, as well as removing all items of value from the vehicle at night time.

Considering DIY security systems such as lockboxes and alarms inside your van, or even more sophisticated vehicle tracking options can also prove to be priceless in keeping your van safe.

With more and more vans being targeted, does your business do enough to prevent falling victim to van theft?

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