UK Van drivers getting healthy for 2020

Health and well-being at the forefront for UK van drivers this year

New research has found that the UK van driving community has its eyes set on a health kick as we move into 2020. 

The study, carried out by Vauxhall, has shown that the New Year has brought with it a renewed focus on health and well-being for van drivers across the nation. 

A large portion of New Year’s resolutions are formulated around healthier eating and exercising more, and the turn of the year acts as a brilliant time to reset and prioritise physical and mental good health. 

After inevitable overindulgence over the festive period, completing popular health trends such as ‘Dry January’, or more recently; ‘Veganuary’ not only come with health benefits but can also encourage a fresh approach to your well-being at the beginning of a new year. 

Those who drive a van for work often spend a lot of time behind the wheel and it can become more difficult to give attention to or make time for healthy eating and regular exercise. 

Nonetheless, the research from Vauxhall shows that the desire to make more effort to put health and well-being first in 2020 is more prevalent than ever.

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The study was carried out among over 1,000 van drivers in the UK and suggests that food consumption, exercise and kicking bad habits are all a top priority for van drivers around the country this New Year. 

Of those surveyed, over a third said that they were going to focus on improving their diet in 2020, while almost 20% said that they would try meat alternatives such as Quorn products, or vegan sausage rolls. 

It isn’t just alternatives to meat that are at the centre of the health kick among UK van drivers either. 

Cutting down on alcohol intake was also a common goal among van drivers with 21% saying they had tried alcohol free beer or wine as substitute for alcohol. 

As well as dietary improvements, 37% of UK van drivers surveyed said they aim to make time for exercise at least once a week with 22% also hoping to quit smoking in 2020. 

Whatever your ambitions are in 2020, a healthy and happy body and mind can help you perform better on and off the roads. 

A better focus on your overall health can help improve concentration at the wheel, helping you or your drivers to decrease the likelihood of costly incidents on the road and in doing so increase your productivity too. 

Particularly in the winter months, the impacts of SAD can reduce alertness, and drivers can become drowsy at the wheel more easily than at other times of the year. 

Staying active and eating well can help to ease away tiredness and exhaustion and help you perform better throughout the working day. 

What better reason to put yours and your employee's health first in 2020.

Did you know, driving with a wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket can cause bad back?

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