Game-changing crash detection

RAC Telematics goes far beyond the average

Independent tests have proved that RAC Telematics’ crash detection accuracy is far above current industry averages.

TRL, the UK’s transport research laboratory, which provides world-class research, testing and certification, confirmed the crash detection accuracy of our telematics in a series of controlled tests. The results show a 92% accuracy in detecting crash and non-crash events in more than 60 tests - significantly higher than the industry average of less than 70% for on-road systems.

The results mean that by monitoring both acceleration and vibration signatures at the point of an incident, RAC Telematics is able to identify whether a crash has (or hasn’t) taken place. At slow speeds it can distinguish between a collision with another vehicle. It can also detect whether a driver has hit a kerb or a speed bump (events known as false positives), unlike most standard telematics systems.

This new industry-leading capability in crash detection benefits a range of market sectors, as collisions at less than 10mph result in more than double the number of disputed accident claims than at higher speeds. Insurance providers will have first notification of loss with detail about crash severity and vehicle location. Lease companies will have greater insight into vehicle condition and be able to better service customers for repair.

RAC Telematics is also fully compatible with our Accident Management service, offering a completely integrated solution from crash through to recovery and repair.