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Smart move Download out driver app from the Windows Store today 

Telematics App launches on the Microsoft App Store 

Following the successful launch of the RAC Telematics driver app for iPhones, we’ve now launched the app in the Microsoft App Store, making the technology available for many more business drivers.

The smartphone app works in conjunction with an RAC Telematics box installed in the car, and brings driver behaviour data, journey history, vehicle health information and engine fault alerts together in one place. This will enable business drivers to check in and keep track of their score, which supports more efficient and safer driving behaviour, as well as receive alerts direct when there is an issue with the vehicle.

The app, which is free to download and available now from the Microsoft App Store, will provide RAC Telematics customers with all the information they need to understand what is happening with their vehicles, including detailed journey history that can be used for business expenses or vehicle cost management.

By synching with the RAC Telematics unit fitted in the vehicle, the new app will provide the user with:

  • Personal driver score based on speed, braking and acceleration patterns with tips for improvementsed ut perspiciatis
  • Vehicle health information to send an alert when parts such as batteries are running low or other engine components are malfunctioning
  • Vehicle updates to alert the driver when it's time for a service or MOT
  • Driver location and journey information to generate work vs leisure mileage reports

RAC Telematics managing director Nick Walker said:

“Not only will this app help business drivers to take full advantage of the telematics technology by using features such as driver score and mileage reports, but will also help them to identify when individual components are not working properly so they can be proactive about vehicle maintenance. 

“Telematics is proving to be a vital tool for businesses as functions such as driver scores encourages better and more efficient driving. This can lead to better MPG in vehicles helping to bring down fuel costs by around 10 per cent according to our customers, and driving at slower speeds helps to cut accidents and reduce wear and tear on their vehicles.”

The launch of the smartphone app follows the introduction of the RAC Telematics MyDrive Bluetooth fob in January, which gives the driver the option of turning the telematics unit off when they are not making business-related journeys and using the vehicle outside of their agreed working hours. The device works in conjunction with the RAC Telematics black box but requires no hard wiring or complicated installation as it connects with the telematics unit over Bluetooth.

Crucially it recognises the individual driver, whichever vehicle they use. For company car owners and business motorists who are part of the ever-growing ‘grey fleet’, it means they can accurately record which journeys are for business purposes and which journeys are private and so not visible to their employer.

Nick Walker adds:

“We know from our research that it can be a challenge for businesses to install telematics to their fleets because of the concerns from staff drivers, especially if the vehicle they drive serves a dual purpose for work and personal journeys. RAC MyDrive directly addresses those concerns and should provide individual drivers with the reassurance they seek that non-work related journeys will remain off the radar as it were.

“This should in turn make it easier for business owners and fleet managers to install telematics and access the range of benefits it delivers such as cost savings on fuel and wear and tear, as well as a reduction in accidents, speeding fines and vehicle downtime.”

If you want to talk to us about RAC Telematics today call us on: 0330 159 1172