Save up to 15% on your annual fleet costs with RAC Telematics
Go greener Telematics can reduce fuel costs by up to 15%

Go Greener

Reducing fuel consumption and therefore emissions is becoming more and more of a priority for many businesses like yours today. It’s good for the environment and for business because it cuts costs and reduces your carbon footprint.

Growing sales of ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEVs) demonstrates that consumers care about emissions and so even if it is currently a low priority, business owners will be aware that there is an opportunity to minimise their carbon footprint and make less of an impact on the environment in which we all live and work.

In addition, within four years, all cars, motorcycles, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) will need to meet exhaust emission standards, or pay a daily charge, when travelling into central London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. Other ‘clean air zone’ schemes are being considered for cities across the country.

But whether you are rolling out ULEVs or not, the introduction of telematics units into your business vehicles can also result in significant reductions in fuel use, which not only serves to cut emissions, but also brings annual fuel bills down by 10 to 15 per cent on average.

Telematics technology, which according to our research is now being used by 38 per cent of UK businesses, provides businesses with real-time information about the location and driver behaviour of their entire fleet. A huge amount of information can be relayed via the SIM card in the unit plugged into the engine’s on-board diagnostics, which measures braking, speed and other factors and indicates how efficiently the vehicle is being driven.

Using the data gathered, business owners are then able to educate their teams on how to drive more efficiently, and drivers can also download an app to their smartphones to keep track of their own score, to ensure they are getting the best performance from the vehicle. In research commissioned by RAC Business in late 2015, about two thirds of businesses said they have benefitted from a reduction in fuel spend as a result of adopting the technology.

Finally, the tracking function of telematics can play an important role in fleet logistics and ensure the better management of vehicles to avoid unnecessary journeys. Fleet or logistics managers can, at the touch of a button, calculate which vehicle is best-placed to carry out the delivery or pick-up, or respond to a customer callout, and ensure they can send the right resource first time. This reduces unnecessary mileage and fuel consumption and can also help to monitor and eliminate unauthorised vehicle usage and time spent idling, as well as optimising the best route.

By adopting telematics technology, businesses can improve their drivers’ efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, making important cost savings, and reducing emissions, something that helps businesses meet targets for emissions and tick the ‘green fleet’ box.

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