<p><strong>More on Inspections</strong></p>
More on Inspections

More on Inspections

What the Inspection covers

Each inspected vehicle check is carried out by one of our qualified RAC engineers. They will check and evaluate the condition of all the key components of a vehicle so that your customers get a detailed report. However, the general cosmetic condition of the vehicle will not be reported as the customer can view and consider the selling price. Also there is no 'Pass or Fail' with this inspection.

The inspected vehicle check will report on:

  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Clutch
  • Cooling system
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Drive shafts
  • Electrical
  • Security
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Under body
  • Interior trim
  • Body work


  • Check oil, coolant, screen wash levels and that they are free from contamination
  • Check for leaks from pipes and hoses
  • Check condition of drive belts
  • Check condition of engine mounting
  • Check security of battery mounting and ease of engine starting
  • Check ease and speed of engine firing and cranking
  • Conduct road test for handling and performance
  • Check engine for abnormal or excessive noise
  • Check exhaust for excessive smoke
  • Check for oil and fluid leaks after road test
  • Check foot brake operates properly
  • Check that the engine restarts correctly


  • Check for security and condition of mountings
  • Check that gears engage and disengage correctly
  • Check for hesitation, flat spots or lack of power during acceleration


  • Check clutch fluid level
  • Check that clutch and accelerator pedals move freely
  • Check clutch operation for slip, drag and judder

Cooling System

  • Check for overheating


  • Check power steering fluid level
  • Check steering rack and pinion or box for leaks or deterioration of mounting and excessive free play
  • Check steering rods, joints and gaiters for excessive free play and leaks
  • Check steering wheel alignment
  • Check general handling stability


  • Check brake fluid level
  • Check condition of braking system components for leaks and free-play
  • Check that footbrake operates properly
  • Check that hand brake or parking brake operates properly


  • Check condition of front and rear suspension components

Drive Shafts

  • Check condition of final drive if it is a separate unit from the gearbox for leaks, damage, security of mountings
  • Check, where applicable, that prop shaft is secured effectively


  • Check condition of visible wiring harnesses for damage, chafing, perished insulation, exposed conductors and poor routing
  • Check that all external lights work properly
  • Check operation and condition of wiper blades and washer jets
  • Check horn for volume and tone and assess switch operation
  • Check that in-car entertainment, where fitted, works properly
  • Check that all dashboard warning lights illuminate and extinguish correctly
  • Check operation of electric windows and switches
  • Check that heating/air conditioning and ventilation system work properly
  • Check that instruments and controls work properly


  • Check that child locks work properly
  • Check that all locking systems work properly
  • Check condition of front and rear seat belts

Wheels and Tyres

  • Check wheels are free from damage
  • Check tyres meet all legal requirements
  • Check that jack, wheel brace and locking wheel bolt are present

Under body

  • Check under body and chassis for excess corrosion or deterioration to underseal
  • Check that chassis is free from extensive structural accident repairs
  • Check exterior condition of exhaust pipes, silencers and catalysts
  • Check underside of vehicle for leaks
  • Check condition of pipes and hoses routed under vehicle

Interior Trim

  • Check that manual and electrical seat adjustments work properly
  • Check security of seat mountings
  • Check condition of equipment such as cigarette lighters, gauges and sun visors

Body Work

  • Check that any accident repairs have been carried out to an acceptable standard
  • Check condition and alignment of exterior body panels
  • Check windshield and other glass for excessive scratches, chips, cracks or other damage
  • The general cosmetic condition of the vehicles is not reported on

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