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Fleet inspections

Reduce risks in your fleet and maximise performance with RAC Inspections

RAC inspection services

At RAC Business our inspections ensure that you’re meeting your duty of care responsibilities and maximising business performance. We conduct over 10,000 business inspections a year across the UK, delivered by qualified, accredited and independent inspectors with a minimum of eight years’ trade experience. Our flexible inspections can be tailored to your needs across a range of areas, including people, vehicle and premises.

 What do our inspections cover?

  • Duty of Care - a safety focused inspection to protect against illegal faults, danger and accidents

  • Cause and Fault - to identify the reason for a fault so that liability can be determined

  • Fair Wear and Tear - help define acceptable levels of fair wear and tear on a vehicle

  • Service, Maintenance and Repair - to help keep repair costs down

  • Inspected Vehicles Programme - for used car dealerships

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