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RAC Business Breakdown Keeping your business on the move

Whatever happens, RAC have what your business needs to keep moving 

Breakdown, Tyre and Fuel Patrols where you need us

Breakdown Patrols

RAC breakdown patrols fix four out of five vehicles at the roadside, within an average of 30 minutes - you can count on us for recovery or roadside assistance. Our patrols carry over 500 parts and tools, including a universal spare wheel, to get you moving again.

Tyre Patrols

We have dedicated Tyre Patrols strategically placed in high density breakdown volume areas. They support drivers at the roadside when a spare wheel is not available, and can provide a mobile tyre fitting service. This has proven very successful in keeping businesses on the move and avoiding further vehicle downtime.

Fuel Patrols

We operate 29 branded, fully qualified mobile Fuel Patrols across the UK, which follow manufacturers’ guidelines and technical specifications to provide a fast and efficient service. This helps to ensure that vehicles are back on the road within the same day, avoiding wait times at the garage and what can often be high costs.

Universal Spare Wheel

Increasingly, cars are being sold without a spare wheel included as standard. This is often a big surprise to motorists who look for it when their vehicle gets a puncture or flat tyre. The RAC Universal Spare Wheel was designed to tackle this problem and help prevent our members from being caught out.

The rise of breakdowns featuring a puncture and no spare led our technical team to develop an innovative solution. The Universal Spare Wheel helps speed up fix time and minimise inconvenience for members.

Developed with a specialist manufacturer partner, the five-stud, 17-inch, lightweight alloy, multi-fit wheel works with a high proportion of vehicles.

When a Universal Spare Wheel is needed, our Patrol will fit it swiftly and then get in touch with the nearest local approved tyre specialist on your behalf.

Support for your business

Fleet Inspections

Maintaining your business vehicles means that they will be less likely to break down and cause your business disruption.

Our Fleet Inspections are designed to help you manage the maintenance of your fleet and control budgets by identifying problems early enough for them to be put right quickly and at minimal cost.

All RAC inspectors come with a minimum of eight years of industry experience, so you can be assured of a quality service, and have peace of mind that you’ve met your duty of care responsibilities.

How can fleet inspections help your business?

  • Identify faults early to save on costly repairs
  • Minimise fleet maintenance costs
  • Meet duty of care obligations
  • Protect staff who are liable for the roadworthiness of the vehicle

RAC Inspectors have a minimum of eight years’ industry experience and are independent experts.

Conducting over 350,000 inspections a year in the UK, our inspectors always have a recognised industry qualification, membership of IRTE/IMI or equivalent.

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