<p>The agility to minimise disruption</p>
The agility to minimise disruption

Specialist breakdown services for commercial truck fleets

HGV fleets are always under pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency. With the high value of loads and the business critical nature of journeys, minimising the disruption of breakdown incidents is essential. With over 25 years’ experience of providing specialist truck services, in-depth knowledge of manufacturers, ancillary equipment and haulage rescue and recovery services, we’re ready to get your HGVs back on the road.

Truck Rescue

We offer breakdown cover for all makes and models, from 3.5 tonnes upwards. We’ll even manage the whole process for you, from initial call through to roadside repair or recovery completion. You can choose from our subscription or pay-on-use cover.

  • With subscription based cover you pay a single premium to cover your trucks or HGVs for up to 4 breakdowns a year
  • Select pay-on-use cover and just pay when one of your trucks breaks down


  • Pay one single annual premium and your vehicle are covered for up to 4 breakdowns a year
  • 24/7 cover for all models, from 3.5T vans to 44T trucks
  • Access to commercial vehicle experts, offering full incident management
  • Recovery to a destination of your choice within a 200 mile radius in the UK

 Pay on Use

  • Roadside assistance for breakdowns away from home or business address for vehicles between 3.5 and 44 tonnes
  • Dedicated contact centre plus incident management
  • Web portal offering full visibility of breakdowns

The flexibility of our solutions means we can handle all customer requirements - from livestock movements to military vehicles. If we can’t fix the vehicle, we provide recovery for the driver, vehicle and passengers to an approved garage or customer designated location, plus workshop repair management and load continuation to get the delivery to its final destination.

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RAC Commercial Assist

Find out how RAC handles commercial vehicle breakdown calls from its UK contact centre, dealing with everything from 3.5t vans to 44t HGVs.