Motor Manufacturers

RAC deliver tailored business solutions for your commercial vehicle challenges

Our experience of working with Motor Manufacturers and delivering tailored solutions based on their defined needs means we are well placed to deliver cost effective solutions to your vehicle management challenges. These include:

New insights

  • Providing a ‘lens on the customer’ - using data driven insight from a range of RAC data sources to connect and re-connect with customers
  • Single vehicle and single customer views, combined with other unique RAC data, keeps you in touch with customers and help re-engage with customers downstream of the initial relationship, providing insight into why they may like/no longer like your brand

Advanced breakdown service

  • Telematics enabled fault alerts, diagnostics and prognostics, including remote diagnostic vehicle health checks to ensure vehicle downtime is minimized and costs controlled
  • Warranty management, using telematics to help determine whether it’s the customer or manufacturer is at fault
  • Help ensure that more Servicing, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) business remains within your preferred supplier / OEM network

Accident detection

  • RAC’s advanced award winning telematics ensures that collision reports are accurate to 92% down to 5mph, so we know when a driver has had an accident* and can respond
  • Puts you (or the RAC) in control of the First Notification Of Loss process
  • Recovery of vehicle plus accident support team to get you back on the road

*independently verified by Transport Laboratories February 2015

RAC Business Services for Large Corporates

  • Business Breakdown
  • Telematics
  • Accident Management
  • Contact Centres

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