<p>Increasing knowledge and taking control</p>
Increasing knowledge and taking control

Grey fleet

Grey fleet vehicles are estimated at more than three times the number of company cars in the UK*. Knowing how many vehicles are in your grey fleet and their details can be complex.

Health and safety legislation applies to employees making work-related journeys regardless of vehicle ownership. So businesses need to treat the grey fleet as they would company cars, and record vehicle details, servicing and MOT information, as well as check insurance, licences and taxation. Fleet managers must show that grey fleet vehicles as well as company vehicles have followed safety policies and been included in any risk assessments, including an audit trail.

Tracking your grey fleet

RAC Telematics vehicle tracking systems can put fleet managers in control by allowing them to use data and identify poor driving and opportunities for training. Subsequently, carbon emissions can be reduced through more efficient driving techniques.

Risk management programmes such as RAC Risk Management can also help to meet the grey fleet challenge through training or assistance with writing policy documents.

* According to the Energy Savings Trust.

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