<p>Informing choice and building profiles</p>
Informing choice and building profiles

We help our business fleet customers to make informed decisions

Our Patrols attend over 2 million breakdowns every year. As a result, we gather a huge amount of data that can be utilised by our fleet customers to help inform vehicle choice, driver profiles and cost management.

Automotive manufacturers also benefit from our rich technical experience, and we offer training programmes to some of their teams, including Mercedes and McLaren.

RAC data assets – built around four information ‘pillars’

Consumer and vehicle identification:
  1. Who is the consumer? How can they be reached? (Single customer view)
  2. What do consumers drive? (Single vehicle view)
In-market triggers:
  1. When is a consumer in the market for a new vehicle? (Motoring services)
  2. When do drivers experience a breakdown incident? (ICAD system)

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