<p>Technology with business benefits</p>
Technology with business benefits

RAC continually invest in the technology that keeps you moving

We continue to invest in new ways to drive efficiencies, from our game-changing telematics to diagnostic technology, from our Universal Multi-fit Wheel to fuel and tyre patrols. Here is an outline of our latest technology innovation products aimed to keep businesses on the road.

RACSCAN+ on-board diagnostic technology
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic system
  • Backed up by on-board technical information and an impressive mobile kit of over 500 parts and tools
  • Gives our Patrols the very best information from the vehicle’s own diagnostic equipment
  • Enables fast, efficient repair of more vehicles on the spot
RAC DSS – 7000 Battery Tester
  • Not only identifies when a battery needs to be replaced, but also captures and links all data to a specific incident/test number
  • Measures and displays the battery’s cranking State of Health (SOH) as well as its reserve capacity
  • Enables the proactive management of parts replacement
  • Reduced vehicle downtime due to battery related faults
Rapid Deployment Towing System (RDTS)
  • Allows us to tow vehicles from our standard Patrols to a place of repair or to the customer’s chosen destination
  • Almost 50% of recoveries are undertaken by Patrols without the customer having to wait for an additional resource to arrive
Vehicle Health Check

This high quality check includes tyres, fluids, battery, lights and engine oil, and reduces the potential for future breakdowns.

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