<p>The smarter way to inform decision making</p>
The smarter way to inform decision making

Monitor repair activity in real-time with RAC inControl portal

We provide you with meaningful insight on your fleet repairs through the RAC inControl portal. This enables you to access real-time data that will deliver analysis on prolific incident types and driver behaviour, helping to mitigate future accidents.

You’ll receive detailed reports on the types of incidents and frequency of accidents, and which also identify geographical areas where accidents regularly occur. This can help you to investigate areas of your fleet that demand immediate attention.

Additionally, you can book your vehicle into an RAC Approved Repair Centre and get estimated repair completion dates online, review the progress of repairs and benefit from full visibility of costs.

RAC inControl gives you unrivalled access to management information that allows you to make informed decisions on cost reduction, fleet reputation and employee safety - giving you complete insight on your fleet.

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