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Over 1 million drivers are uninsured. Don’t let them ruin your day.

RAC Car Insurance Plus includes our Uninsured Driver Promise.

Car Insurance

At the RAC we’re committed to finding our customers a great deal on their car insurance - you know you're buying great quality cover from a name you can trust and we find customers our most competitive quote from our panel of selected insurers.

Our RAC Car Insurance Plus has been awarded the top 5 star rating from Defaqto and is our highest level car insurance cover. However, you won't find it on price comparison sites - you can only buy directly from us. This helps us to lower costs all round and still offer our customers a rich, comprehensive level of cover.

We also have a range of other car insurance policies, so customers can build their own policy specifically for their needs. Families may be interested in our RAC Multicar Insurance, while new drivers may save money with a Black Box Insurance policy. When you buy RAC Car Insurance, you can add optional extras including Breakdown Cover, Motor Legal Protection and No Claims Discount Protection.

Getting a quote for RAC Car Insurance takes just a few minutes online.

Consumer Intelligence award winner for Trust in 2017 and 2018, as voted for by drivers

With our Defaqto 5 Star Rated Car Insurance Plus you could pay less than £1651

RAC members pay £93 less on average for RAC Car Insurance than non-members3

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Types of Car Insurance

Whether you want to insure your child’s first car or purchase temporary insurance cover for a weekend away, we have a range of policies to suit the whole family. Choose from our 5 Star Car Insurance Plus, Black Box Insurance, Multicar Insurance, Temporary Car Insurance or Classic Car Insurance.

5 Star Rated Car Insurance Plus - only available direct from the RAC

Cover for less than £1651 (that’s what 10% of our customers paid)

As the motoring experts, we search a panel of carefully selected insurers to give you our most competitive price. And with 120 years’ experience of serving customers, you know you’re in safe hands when you buy with the RAC.

  • Uninsured driver promise – so you won’t lose your no claims bonus if your car's vandalised or hit by an uninsured driver
  • 5 Star rated cover – RAC Car Insurance Plus has been awarded 5 stars by independent financial research company Defaqto
  • Free Motor Legal Protection – benefit from free Motor Legal Protection cover of up to £100,000 for the first 12 months of the policy, if selected
  • Up to 65% off – with 9+ years no claims discount

Compare the full list of benefits provided by our levels of cover.

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Black Box Car Insurance

RAC Black Box helps drivers save money by rewarding safe driving

Black Box Insurance, also known as telematics, is a cost effective way to drive down the cost of insurance for new and inexperienced drivers.  Black box technology rates drivers on the way they drive, rather than how their peers drive, giving drivers the opportunity to reduce their premium though safe driving.
  • No curfews - Drive where you want, when you want
  • You choose your annual mileage – We don’t charge you on a per mile basis, unlike some providers
  • No installation fees - We’ll fit the box at time and location convenient to you
  • Uninsured driver promise – so you won’t lose your no claims bonus if your car's vandalised or hit by an uninsured driver

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Multicar Insurance

Cover for the whole family with 10% RAC Multicar discount2

If you have up to 3 additional cars in your household you could save with multi-car insurance. For every additional car in your household you insure with us, you’ll receive a 10% discount off the premium.

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  • Separate no claims bonus for each car - so yours won’t be affected if another policyholder has a scrape
  • Friends, family and housemates can benefit from discount - as long as you all live at the same registered address
  • Free Motor Legal Protection – benefit from free Motor Legal Protection cover of up to £100,000 for the first 12 months of the policy, if selected*
  • 5 Star rated cover – RAC Car Insurance Plus has been awarded 5 stars for five years running by independent financial research company Defaqto

Temporary Car Insurance - only available direct from the RAC

Flexible and immediate short term cover

If you need short term insurance cover immediately, RAC can provide a flexible and cost effective way to make sure you're protected. Our temporary car insurance is designed to cover you to drive another car - or insure someone else to drive your car.

  • Daily insurance - short term cover starts from 1 hour to 30 days, and you can pay by the day
  • Instant cover - if you need insurance urgently, cover can start immediately
  • Range of vehicles covered – we can provide cover for cars, vans and motorhomes, and breakdown cover can be added too
  • Flexible short term cover - benefit from the flexibility of driving another car, or insuring extra drivers on your car
  • Instant peace of mind – our Temporary insurance provides a range of benefits as standard, such as accidental damage, new car replacement, accident recovery and legal liabilities
  • Overseas licences accepted - As well as full UK licences, we can accept full driving licences from the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - nice and easy if your friends or family are visiting and need to borrow your car for a short while

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Compare Car Insurance

Compare our full list of benefits here.

RAC Comprehensive Car Insurance

Defaqto Five Star Rating

5 Star RAC Car Insurance Plus

Motor Legal Protection, FREE for 12 months, if selected*



Uninsured driver promise



Vandalism promise



Courtesy Car as standard (subject to availability and eligibility)



Repairs guaranteed for 3 years at approved garages



Child Seat Cover



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to get a car insurance quote?
Obtaining a quote for car insurance  only takes around 10 minutes but you’ll need to have certain information to hand. To complete a quote, you will need to provide details including the following:

Personal details
This includes your full name, date of birth and home address including your postcode,  as well as contact details with at least one telephone number and an email address. We'll also ask for details about your relationship status, such as whether you're single or married, and if any additional drivers need to be named on the policy.

Employment status
Whether you work and if so, whether that's on a full-time or part time basis, self employed or other. Further details on your occupation and type of business are needed too.

Driving history
How long you've held a driving licence, any accident history and previous claims, and whether you have been declined for motor insurance in the past.

Vehicle details
Further information on the car being insured, including the make and model of the vehicle, whether it is fitted with an alarm, and any modifications which may have been made.
Estimated annual mileage should be provided, as should details on where the vehicle will be parked overnight for example in a garage, parked off road or on the street.
Q. Do we provide a courtesy car after an accident?
Some car insurance policies will include the provision of a Courtesy Car in event of loss of, or damage to, the car insured. It's important to check whether your policy provides a Courtesy Car. Both our Comprehensive Car Insurance and our Defaqto 5 Star Rated Car Insurance Plus come with a Courtesy Car as standard - subject to availability and eligibility.
Q. What happens if I get hit by an uninsured driver?
Unfortunately, each year a large number of motorists drive without car insurance, despite the obvious risks. Being in an accident with a driver who is not insured can be particularly frustrating as your insurer will not be able to recover any repair costs. Some policies offer protection against this - when you compare car insurance it's worth bearing this in mind. RAC Car Insurance Plus includes our uninsured driver promise so if your car is vandalised or you're hit by an uninsured driver, you'll get a refund on any excesses you have had to pay out plus you won't lose your no-claims discount.
Q. Will I lose my no-claims discount if it wasn't my fault?
A No Claims Discount (NCD), which is also referred to as a No Claims Bonus (NCB) can reduce the cost of car insurance as it rewards motorists who have not had to make a claim on their insurance. If you make a claim and you were at fault, you will usually lose at least some, if not all, of your NCD. If the accident was not your fault, your insurance provider may be able to reclaim the cost from the other driver involved and your NCD could remain unaffected. The best way to guarantee a No Claims Discount remains intact is to take out No Claims Discount Protection. With NCD Protection, drivers can make a claim without losing the NCD they have built up - although the number of claims allowed over the course of a period of time will differ from policy to policy.
Q. What are car insurance groups?
All new car models are assigned to an insurance group by the Group Rating Panel, which is administered by Thatcham Research. There are 50 groups, ranging from group No.1 - which includes cars that are the cheapest to insure - to No.50, the most expensive. Insurers will take the group rating of a vehicle in mind when calculating the price of a policy, so if your car is in a lower group it is likely to be cheaper to insure in comparison to a model in a higher group.
Q. What type of car insurance do I need?
There are three main types of car insurance - comprehensive, third party, and third party fire and theft. Of these, comprehensive offers the most complete cover as it protects your car as well as other people's property. Third party insurance is the minimum legal level of cover required to drive a car. It covers any damage caused to other people's property - but not your own car. Third party fire and theft is standard third party coverage, but it also covers your car if it is damaged by fire and stolen. It's still not protected against the cost of repairs.

If you need a more specialist type of car insurance, we also offer a range of other products - including temporary car insurance, black box car insurance, classic car insurance, test drive insurance and learner driver insurance.
Q. What class of car insurance do I need?
Class of insurance refers to how a driver intends to use the vehicle being insured. There are usually four main classes of insurance, though these may differ slightly by provider.  Social, Domestic and Pleasure covers a motorist for everyday driving, such as trips to the shops and visits to friends and family, but not travel to and from work. Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting adds commuting to a single regular place of work - driving to the office every day, for example.

Business use adds another layer of cover, enabling a driver to use the vehicle as part of their job, perhaps in driving to multiple sites as well as a single location. If your work requires regular driving around the country, this class of car insurance would be suitable.

Commercial insurance is for motorists who use the vehicle itself for business - delivery drivers, taxi drivers and driving instructors.
Q. Can I drive other cars on my insurance?
This all depends on your policy. Primarily, you will be covered to drive the vehicle stated in your car insurance policy but cover to drive other vehicles does not generally come as standard. You should certainly check your policy terms and conditions before driving another vehicle. Some comprehensive car insurance policies include Driving Other Cars (DOC) cover, but this is becoming less common. If you expect to drive another car on occasion - such as a spouse or family member - it is advisable to be a Named Driver on their policy. Or, you could look at temporary car insurance which provides cover from one to 28 days.
Q. How to get cheaper car insurance?
The cost of your car insurance is determined by a number of factors and many of them can't be changed - such as the age of a driver. But the price of your car insurance quote may be reduced by buying a car in a lower insurance group, building up your No Claims Discounts by driving safely and responsibly, and avoiding accidents. Adding a named driver can also help to reduce the cost of car insurance, as can increasing the voluntary excess you are prepared to pay on a policy. For example, if you set your excess at £150 instead of £50, the cost of your policy should reduce but you should make sure you would be able to pay this amount in event of making a claim.

If you're a younger motorist or have recently passed your test, it may be worth considering a specialist policy such as Black Box Car Insurance, which monitors driving behaviour and rewards safe driving. In other words, the safer you drive, the cheaper your premium could be when it comes to renewing your car insurance policy.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Motorists in the UK are required by law to have valid car insurance. Driving without motor insurance is illegal and could lead to a fine, penalty points or disqualification.
If you are involved in any kind of road accident, car insurance can protect you, your vehicle and other road users by providing financial compensation to cover the costs of any damage or injuries. The minimum legal requirement for car insurance is third party, which will provide cover if you cause damage or injury to another person, vehicle, animal or property in a road incident.

However, third party insurance does not cover the potentially high costs of repairing any damage to your own car, or cover you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged in a fire. Upgrading to comprehensive car insurance will provide you with the highest cover and protect against damage to your own vehicle, even if you are to blame for the accident.


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Our car insurance guides provide information on car insurance groups and how where you park your car can affect your premium.


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Car insurance can be expensive, adding to running costs for drivers - but, as the RAC reveals in this article, there are ways of finding cheap car cover.

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RAC Home Insurance provides protection for your property, both inside and out.


Our Travel insurance can cover you for single trips or annual multi-trips, each with 3 levels of cover available.

Car Insurance news and advice

Car insurance is a legal requirement for driving on UK roads. You can run an online check or visit your local police station to confirm that a car is insured.


Dash cams are cameras designed for continuous recording when you are driving to provide video evidence in case of an accident.


There are a number of ways to try to lower your car insurance premiums including nurturing your ‘no-claims,’ keeping your details up to date, and ensuring you have the right cover.


Failing to stop after an accident, whether or not someone is hurt or property is damaged, is a criminal offence.


‘Flash for cash’ is a recent car insurance fraud phenomenon where criminals flash their headlights to let other drivers out of a junction, then crash into them on purpose.


Car insurance is essential for driving a car on UK roads as it provides financial protection against vehicle damage as well as providing cover for injuries to drivers, passengers or pedestrians.


If you are hit by an uninsured driver, there are many things you should do including taking down their details and noting the extent of the damage.


Drivers who make no claims are eligible to annual discounts on their car insurance, and with RAC Car Insurance this can be up to 70%.


Similar to flash for cash, this scam involves fraudsters purposefully crashing into innocent motorists in a bid to make money from an exaggerated claim.


What our customers are saying

Great service and the RAC found me the best deal.

Mr Y - Newcastle

Dealing with RAC insurance is a revelation compared to our last insurer. RAC gets top marks.

Mr W, Falmouth

You cannot improve on perfection.

Mrs P, Llantwit Fardre

I was pleased to get extra discount for having breakdown cover.

Miss A - Leicester

5 Star Car Insurance

RAC Comprehensive Car Insurance Plus has been awarded a 5 star rating by Defaqto.

Based on a survey of new RAC Car Insurance customers between 1st January and 30th June 2018. 16,766 of 18,138 customers scored us 6 or more out of 10, therefore 92.4% (9 out of 10) are likely to recommend us to a friend or family member. 

1 10% of all customers buying Car Insurance Plus with us from 1st January 2018 to 30th June 2018 paid less than £165. Based on comprehensive Car Insurance Plus, purchased direct, excluding any additional products and upgrades, with payment on an annual basis. Your premium will depend on your circumstances and the level of cover you choose.

2 Terms & Conditions:

  1. The 10% multicar discount will be applied to the insurance premium of up to three additional cars added to an existing RAC Car Insurance policy, excluding additional products, add-ons, fees and charges. 
  2. The additional cars must be registered to the same address as the existing RAC Car Insurance policy. 
  3. The discount is only valid on quotes and purchases made by calling RAC Car Insurance direct on 0330 159 1468  and you must provide the existing RAC Car Insurance policy number that the additional cars are to be added to prior to getting a quote and making your purchase. 
  4. Quotes and purchases acquired through price comparison sites, cash back sites or the rac.co.uk website are excluded and the discount will not apply. 
  5. The discount will apply for every year that there are 2 or more cars registered under the same RAC Car Insurance policy and at the same address. The discount will not apply in the event there are less than 2 cars registered under the same RAC Car Insurance policy, such as if a car is removed or you choose not to renew.
  6. If you cancel your policy mid-term and there are no longer at least two cars on the existing RAC Car Insurance policy, we reserve the right to reclaim the value of the discount that was applied.
  7. This offer applies to RAC Standard Car and RAC Car Insurance Plus policies only.  
  8. No cash or other alternatives are available.
  9. The provision of insurance is subject to underwriting criteria. For full details of the policy terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documents. Your premium will depend on your circumstances and the level of cover you choose.
  10. This offer may be withdrawn at any time.

3 Based on sales from 1st January 2018 to 30th June 2018 of RAC comprehensive car insurance, purchased direct, excluding any additional products and upgrades. Your premium will depend on your circumstances and the level of cover you choose.

* This offer applies to new RAC car insurance customers for the first year only, unless you are an RAC member then this offer is also available at renewal of your existing RAC car insurance policy. Motor Legal Protection is attached to the car insurance policy and will end if and when the car insurance policy ends. The offer cannot be transferred to any other policy and there is no cash equivalent available. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time. 

RAC Insurance is a trading name of RAC Financial Services Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 5171817. Registered office: RAC House, Brockhurst Crescent, Walsall, WS5 4AW. RAC Car Insurance and RAC Home Insurance are arranged and administered by BISL Limited, which is an independent intermediary. Registered in England no. 3231094. Registered office: Pegasus House, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough PE2 6YS. Both companies are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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