Temporary Car Insurance - Business Use


What is business use and do you need it?

If you only use your car to commute to and from a single place of work, and for personal journeys outside of work, you may only be insured for ‘Social, Domestic and Commuting use (SD&C)’. If you commute to more than one place of work, or if driving your vehicle is a part of your job, you’ll need to make sure you are covered for ‘Business use’ as well, or you risk invalidating your insurance.

Adding business use to your annual car insurance policy can often increase your premium because your insurer will assume that you’re spending more time on the road, and during busy times of the day. That means you pose a higher risk and your premium is adjusted accordingly. 

However, if you only need to travel for business every now and again, you may not see the need to spend the extra money to insure your vehicle for business use for the entire year, and you may instead rely on getting lifts with colleagues or using public transport.

This is where RAC Temporary Car Insurance can help you. If you’re looking to insure your car for a one-off business trip, or plan on travelling to another office for only a few days a month, short term car insurance could be the answer.

Why RAC Temporary Car Insurance?

  • It’s flexible – we can provide short term cover for as little as 1 hour or as much as 30 days at a time.
  • It’s quick – to get a quote takes 2 minues and from quote to cover it takes as little as 15 minutes. You can also save your details to get a quicker quote in the future!
  • It’s comprehensive – our policies provide a comprehensive level of insurance.  
  • No restrictions - it’s not limited by mileage or curfews.
  • Manage online 24/7 – view and download policy documents, add more days or get a new quote.

Your policy details and certificate of insurance are sent to you digitally, so you’ll be insured and ready to drive within a matter of minutes. We recommend you keep these with you for the duration of the cover period.

Who can get Temporary Car Insurance for business use?

Anyone who satisfies our criteria is eligible to apply for our short term business cover. As with all insurance, cover and premium can depend on your individual circumstances.

We are unable to provide business cover if you are transporting goods or people for hire or reward, for example a taxi service or courier. 

Get a quote for Temporary Car Insurance from the RAC today.

Get a discount if you car-share

If you wish to share the driving with a colleague or co-worker, you can either insure yourself to drive their car or they can insure themselves on yours. What’s more, we can offer you a discount if you are insuring yourself on a vehicle that is already annually insured.

Can I get Temporary Car Insurance for business use to drive in Europe?

Yes, you can add cover for trips to Europe too. You can also add Temporary UK Breakdown cover to your policy when you buy, and we also offer a separate short-term Breakdown cover for European travel.


Looking for Commercial or Fleet Insurance?

RAC Business Insurance can provide cover for vehicle fleets, the motor trade, taxi’s trucks, telematics and more. Visit our RAC Business page for more information.