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Cheap Car Insurance

Running a car is expensive, and one of the biggest costs to motorists can be car insurance. It’s a legal requirement so there’s no way around it – every driver needs car insurance. Depending on your circumstances, it can add up to a sizeable amount. Whether paid annually or in monthly instalments, it’s usually a significant cost to manage and can take up a large chunk of your budget.

Getting cheap car insurance can make a real difference to the running costs faced by motorists, and everyone wants to get a good deal, don’t they? If you can make some savings, it all helps. Here’s some information on how you can get cheap – or at least cheaper – car insurance.

To ensure that we’re meeting our customer’s needs and remaining competitive, we offer a range of car insurance policies. If you’re a new driver and are interested in building up your No Claims Discount (NCD) while being rewarded for driving well, you may want to consider RAC Black Box Car Insurance

If you’ve got multiple cars in your household why not take out our Multicar Insurance policy and save up to 10%^^ on the premium for up to three additional cars you add to the policy.

If you need short term car insurance our Temporary Car Insurance policies start from 1 hour up to 30 days as you need it.

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Our RAC Car Insurance Plus is 5 star Defaqto rated

Hit by an uninsured driver and it wasn’t your fault? You’ll keep your no claims discount^

You won’t lose your no claims discount if your car is vandalised^

Lower your premium with telematics

Young and new drivers are more likely to be faced with high car insurance costs than more experienced motorists. If you’re under 24 years of age, you might be considered a greater risk and therefore faced with expensive premiums. A more affordable option for young and new drivers might be black box insurance, which uses telematics to assess driving performance, and rewards those drivers they deem to be safer on the road.

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Short Term Car Insurance for 1 hour to 30 days

If you borrow or are planning to borrow a car for a short period of time, our Temporary Car Insurance will ensure you’re comprehensively covered. You don’t need to be added to the car owner’s annual policy (which could cost money) and any claim you make won’t affect their No Claims Discount.

Our policies are flexible and quick to set up – you choose how long you need, and you can top up cover online 24/7 if you need to extend your cover. Buying a policy is quick and you could be on the road within 15 minutes!

What’s more, our policies will also cover you if you are travelling for business, and you can add breakdown or comprehensive European cover before you buy if you need to.

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RAC Comprehensive Car Insurance

Defaqto Five Star Rating

5 Star RAC Car Insurance Plus

Uninsured driver promise



Vandalism promise



Courtesy Car as standard (subject to availability and eligibility)



Repairs guaranteed for 3 years at approved garages



Child Seat Cover



Personal Accident Cover



Transfer Home or Hotel Stay after an accident




Car Insurance for careful drivers

Careful driving can benefit you when it comes to getting cheap car insurance. If you’ve built up a record of several years of no claims, you could be offered a discount by your insurer, simply because you can demonstrate that you’ve been driving for a long period of time without needing to make an insurance claim.  In the eyes of your insurer, years of NCD (no claims discount) can help to lower the risk you present as a driver.

Check that your insurance is still suitable for your needs

Do you have named drivers on your policy that no longer drive or have access to your car? Do you drive fewer miles than you stated when you took out your policy? Check your policy details – you might find that a little tweak to your existing insurance policy could make all the difference. Just make sure that you are truthful, as you could invalidate your policy if the information you provide is not accurate.

As well as ‘Comprehensive’ cover, ‘Third Party Fire and Theft’ and ‘Third Party Only’ cover is also available to you when you get a quote. It’s worth noting that a third party policy only covers you against any damage to another person’s vehicle or property - it does not protect against damage to your vehicle or property. For this reason, it’s important you look at all options available and choose the policy that best suits your needs.

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Drivers who make no claims are eligible to annual discounts on their car insurance, and with RAC Car Insurance this can be up to 70%.


Black Box Insurance saves new and young drivers money by rewarding safe driving.


Having a speed limiter fitted to your car may help reduce the price of insurance. What is a speed limiter? This guide reveals how it works, and how it might help with cheaper car insurance.


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Pay-by-day car insurance from 1 hour-30 days

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View all the optional extras available when you buy RAC Car Insurance


All the information you need to retrieve a quote, amend your policy or make a claim


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get cheap car insurance?
If you’re looking to get cheap car insurance, there are a few ways to try to your lower your premium. Parking your car in a more secure area, adding extra security systems to your car, and driving carefully – therefore maintaining your no claims – all helps. There’s more information on how to get cheap car insurance here but remember, although you may be looking for the cheapest possible, you still need to ensure the cover provided is suitable for your needs.
Why is ‘No Claims’ so important?
No Claims is important because it shows an insurer that you haven’t made a claim for a certain period of time. This implies that you’re a safer driver than someone who perhaps has made some claims. If you have built up a long period of no claims, your insurer may offer you a discount. There’s more about NCD here.
Can a dashcam reduce my insurance premium?
Indirectly, it could. A dashcam, fitted in your car, can record footage of incidents and accidents, so it could help to prove whether you were at fault in the event of a collision. It may help you settle a claim more quickly, and it may help you to protect your No Claims Discount. 

^^Multicar discount terms & conditions:

  1. The 10% multicar discount will be applied to the insurance premium of up to three additional cars added to an existing RAC Car Insurance policy, excluding additional products, add-ons, fees and charges.
  2. The additional cars must be registered to the same address as the existing RAC Car Insurance policy.
  3. The discount is only valid on quotes and purchases made by calling RAC Car Insurance direct on 0330 159 1468  and you must provide the existing RAC Car Insurance policy number that the additional cars are to be added to prior to getting a quote and making your purchase.
  4. Quotes and purchases acquired through price comparison sites, cash back sites or the website are excluded and the discount will not apply.
  5. The discount will apply for every year that there are 2 or more cars registered under the same RAC Car Insurance policy and at the same address. The discount will not apply in the event there are less than 2 cars registered under the same RAC Car Insurance policy, such as if a car is removed or you choose not to renew.
  6. If you cancel your policy mid-term and there are no longer at least two cars on the existing RAC Car Insurance policy, we reserve the right to reclaim the value of the discount that was applied.
  7. This offer applies to RAC Standard Car and RAC Car Insurance Plus policies only.
  8. No cash or other alternatives are available.
  9. The provision of insurance is subject to underwriting criteria. For full details of the policy terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documents. Your premium will depend on your circumstances and the level of cover you choose.
  10. This offer may be withdrawn at any time.

^Uninsured Driver cover and Vandalism cover only available with RAC Car Insurance Plus policies.

Home anywhere in Great Britain. Excludes Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Hotel stay of up to £200.

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